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Celebrate UCF Libraries. Interim Department Head Curriculum Materials Center. Peggy Nuhn

Announcing the Interim Head of the Curriculum Materials Center

The UCF Libraries is pleased to announce that Peggy Nuhn will be assuming the role of Interim Head of the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) Library, effective Tuesday, May 14, 2024. Additionally, she will also be the subject librarian for Early Childhood Education, Education, and Elementary Education. 

Peggy brings extensive experience in libraries, including a background in children and young adult programming, instruction, and collection development. Currently, Peggy teaches information literacy and provides research support to both UCF and Seminole State College, Sanford/Lake Mary students and faculty. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, we are confident that Peggy will excel in this interim role. 

Congratulations, Peggy, on this new interim position. 

Celebrate UCF Libraries, Excellence in Professional Service, Kristine Shrauger

Excellence in Professional Service 2024 – Kristine Shrauger

Congratulations to Kristine Shrauger for winning the 2023-24 Excellence in Professional Service Award!

This faculty award is to honor a member who demonstrates a record of excellence in service to the University of Central Florida and professional service. Besides contributions to the library profession, Kristine has served on the Faculty Senate for nine years, including several years as the Secretary.

Only one Professional Service Award is available each year for the entire university. We are so proud of Kristine to be the first librarian winning this award!

Celebrate UCF Libraries, Excellence in Librarianship, Lily Dubach

Lily Dubach Receives the 2024 Excellence in Librarianship Award

Congratulations to Lily Dubach who has been selected as the 2023-24 Excellence in Librarianship Award winner! The UCF Excellence Awards honor faculty teaching, research, service and advising achievements across campus each year. Lily has been a librarian at UCF since 2017 and is currently the Textbook Affordability Librarian. In this role, she uses her expertise to help faculty find and use free-to-student course materials to replace costly textbooks, so that every student in class has equal and affordable access to these resources.

Since 2016, UCF faculty have taught over 2,317 classes using library-sourced materials, in turn impacting over 107,072 students and potentially saving them over $7.9 million.


As Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) Instructor Vicki Lewis stated in her letter of support for Lily’s award: “Ms. Lily Dubach has been a dedicated UCF employee for many years, and she consistently works tirelessly to serve the institution, its students, and faculty members. The work that she does in her role in the UCF Library system has had a significant impact on my work as an academic instructor and as a result, on my students’ learning.”

Lily’s contributions and work with her colleagues have indeed enhanced teaching and learning at UCF and enriched students’ lives by helping them attain their goals. This award is a solid acknowledgement of her innovation in librarianship and her ability to have an impact here at UCF!

For faculty interested in exploring affordable course materials, please reach out to Lily Dubach, or visit to get started. You can also see if your textbook is available as a library eBook by using the eTextbook Check/Request Form

Celebrate UCF Libraries 2024 Research Incentive Award Sara Duff

Sara Duff Granted 2024 UCF Research Incentive Award

The UCF Libraries is proud to share that Sara Duff was selected as a recipient for the 2024 UCF Research Incentive Award (RIA). This annual award recognizes the outstanding impact of UCF faculty’s research, creative and scholarly output. As part of UCF faculty, many UCF librarians engage in research, creative, or scholarly activities while striving for excellence in supporting the library mission. Two other librarians won the RIA in previous years.

Sara joined UCF Libraries in 2017 as the Acquisitions & Collection Assessment Librarian. She has consistently provided outstanding collection services in investigating and acquiring library resources, such as textbooks and streaming video for classes, to directly support UCF’s academic mission. In 2022, Sara was awarded the Excellence in Librarianship. Sara is an avid reader and passionate about sharing knowledge to the library profession. She conducts research informed by her library work. The research results have been turned into books, articles, and presentations. 

In 2020, Sara co-authored a Routledge book with another librarian Tina Buck, Guidance for Librarians Transitioning to a New Environment. They surveyed librarians from a few countries working at different types of libraries. Their research findings demystify the perceived barriers between various types and environments of librarianship and provide a roadmap for successful transitions across the library types. The book has received international accolades and already been added to over 127 libraries in 19 countries.

Two years later in 2022, Sara co-edited Zines in Libraries: Selecting, Purchasing, and Processing, a book published by the American Library Association. This title becomes one of the only two books sharing best practices in building library zines collections. It earned favorable reviews from Choice, Booklist, Library Resources & Technical Services, and Technicalities.

In addition to authorship in books, Sara has maintained a productive and consistent research record by contributing to articles to peer reviewed journals and presentations to conferences on library collection services. Several examples of her past research include evaluating different electronic acquisition models, acquiring textbooks to enable affordability, open access, analyses of new workflow. All topics represent current trends in libraries and have generated extensive interest.

Congratulations to Sara Duff!

Lee Dotson in front of the Hitt Library.

Lee Dotson Selected for 2024 Digital POWRR Peer Assessment Program

Lee Dotson, Digital Initiatives Librarian and manager of STARS (Showcase of Text, Archives, Research & Scholarship), UCF’s institutional digital repository, has been accepted into the prestigious Digital POWRR Peer Assessment Program for the year 2024. POWRR stands for Preserving (digital) Objects with Restricted Resources. This program is sponsored by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). 

The Digital POWRR Peer Assessment Program is an exclusive initiative that is designed to empower individuals to address the challenges of preserving digital assets, especially when faced with limited resources. Lee will engage with a cohort in a year-long comprehensive assessment process, collaborating to evaluate and improve digital preservation strategies and practices. Participants will work closely with peers and mentors, conduct an institutional case study, generate a longer peer assessment report, present findings through a final project showcase, and write a white paper that will be published.  

Participants also receive a participation stipend as well as a “Technology Start Up” award that can be provisioned towards helping to jump start digital preservation activities. 

Congratulations to Lee on this significant achievement! Her participation in this Program is an investment in both her personal and our organizational growth. The digital preservation skills acquired, coupled with her strengthened network and gained leadership capabilities, will contribute significantly to advancing the digital preservation efforts of the UCF Libraries and facilitate deeper collaboration with Special Collections and University Archives. 

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