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Planning your research project? Let these tools and services help you with this process. The library assists with literature reviews, citation management, and data management plans. The Office of Research supports collaboration tools, ethics and compliance, and grant planning. The Office for HSI Initiatives supports Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) and Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) proposal planning and grant management.

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Literature Review

Conducting a comprehensive literature search for a critical analysis of the published works related to a research topic is a key element of scholarly communication. Whether the literature review is for a dissertation, thesis, or other project, it provides a foundation and rationale on which to build research questions, identify gaps, and support claims. Assistance with conducting a literature review in your discipline is available through faculty workshops, graduate workshops, and individual research consultations using the services below.

Services and tools:

Research Guides: Google Scholar for Academic Research | Graduate Research

Ven Basco
For more information, faculty may contact Ven Basco
Corinne Bishop
For more information, students may contact Corinne Bishop

Collaboration Tools

Identify collaborators, find funding opportunities, and gain other support to help your research proposal and planning process. This step of the research process is supported outside of the library through the Office of Research.

Services and tools:

  • Use Pivot to search for funding opportunities and view matching faculty from inside or outside UCF.
  • Sign-up to receive notifications of HSI/MSI funding opportunities via Targeted Research Alerts.
  • Develop your proposal with the Office of Research resources and support services.
  • Build your team with strategies to locate expertise.
  • Attend or request Hispanic/Minority Serving Institution (HSI/MSI) Workshops sponsored by the Office for HSI Initiatives.
  • Use the HSI Funder Toolkit to search for Hispanic/Minority Serving Institutions (HSI/MSI) funding opportunities and resources.
  • Contact Cyndia Muñiz to request participation on grant proposal team or advisory board for Hispanic/Minority Serving Institutions (HSI/MSI) projects.

Research Guide: How to Set Up a Pivot Account

Office of Research
For more information, contact The Office of Research

Citation Management

Citations can get out of hand with complex research projects. Citation management tools assist researchers with collecting and organizing their citations. The UCF Libraries offers two, RefWorks and EndNote, and can also provide assistance with Zotero and Mendeley.

Services and tools:

Research Guides: Citation Management | EndNote | Citations and Writing

Renee Cole Montgomery

For more information, contact Renee Cole Montgomery

Ethics and Compliance

Research must follow regulatory guidelines, such as the IRB if working with human participants. More considerations relate to animal welfare, reporting, certification, and standards of conduct. Explore the services below to ensure that your research, if applicable, follows the appropriate ethical guidelines and regulations.

Services and tools:

Office of Research
For more information, contact The Office of Research

Data Management Plan

Making a plan to manage your data should be a consideration for any research project. Having a data management plan helps to preserve your data, facilitates sharing and visibility of your research, and allows you to meet applicable grant requirements.

Services and tools:

Research Guide: Data Management

Lee Dotson
For more information, contact Lee Dotson

Grant Planning

Grant planning involves searching for funding, working on proposals, and building your team. Services are provided outside the library through the Office of Research.

Services and tools:

Research Guides: NIH Resources | NSF Resources | Private Foundation Resources

Office of Research
For more information, contact The Office of Research

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