Accessibility Services

Research Assistance

If a patron is unable to retrieve materials due to a sensory or physical disability, assistance through Document Delivery is available at each location by appointment. A staff member will be assigned and usually can be expected to retrieve about 20 items from shelves or spend up to 30 minutes with a patron. Any patron who has a UCF identification card is eligible for assistance.

Digital versions of books in the HathiTrust repository (both those that are publicly accessible and copyrighted editions currently owned by UCF) are available to students, faculty and staff whose disabilities do not allow them to use printed books. Patrons who are registered with University of Central Florida’s Student Accessibility Services may make requests for materials via the form below. Once the library staff has verified the patron, they will contact HathiTrust, obtain the material, and email the file directly to the patron.

Request Materials from HathiTrust

Library staffing precludes the ability to provide in-depth assistance such as reading content or interpreting graphs, tables, or charts to patrons. Patrons may wish to consider bringing an assistant for that purpose.

Animals as Accommodation

Service and Emotional Support Animals Policy – The library adheres to the same policy as the institution at large. Please refer here for questions regarding handlers, service animals, trainee animals, and emotional support animals.

UCF Student Accessibility Services

Individuals with disabilities who need more assistance may inquire with UCF Student Accessibility Services, Ferrell Commons, Bldg. 7F, Room 185, (phone 407-823-2371, TTY/TDD only 407-823-2116). For accommodated testing purposes only, their computers have the following software: Dragon Naturally Speaking (Speech to Text), JAWS (Screen Reader), Zoomtext (Screen Magnification Software), and Kurzweil 3000 (Text to Speech) Software.

For more detailed information see the UCF Student Accessibility Services Web site

John C. Hitt Library

Wheelchair Accessible Workstations and Study Rooms

Three adjustable height, wheelchair accessible workstations are available on the 2nd (main) floor near the elevators. Several study rooms on the 3rd floor are marked ♿ as wheelchair accessible and many individual workstations in room 360 have height-adjustable desks that are suitable for wheelchair users.

Reserve a study room.

Accessible Technology

The John C. Hitt Library has several reading and listening aid devices. If you are unfamiliar with the assistive technology used in the library, UCF Student Accessibility Services keeps a list of Support Agencies that offer instruction on using it. This equipment is useful for persons with print related impairments who wish to conduct independent research using the Library’s electronic resources.

All public PCs provide:

  • JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion software
  • Kurzweil 3000 Literacy Software

Kurzweil 3000 Literacy Software

Kurzweil offers multisensory support for reading, studying, notetaking and writing.  Kurzweil includes the highest quality OCR software available, reproducing scanned print documents with the exact layout and formatting found in the original. Users can:

  • Simultaneously listen to and read scanned text, image text (such as PDF files), digital files and Internet pages
  • Access multiple file types that include: EPUB, TXT, HTML, PDF, NIMAS, DOC, RTF, DAISY and ANY scanned paper with text and photos
  • Visually track words and phrases on screen as they are read aloud
  • Use colored highlighters and other visual prompts to identify important information
  • Create MP3 audio files for use with iPods, iPhones and iPads
  • have their writing read aloud to them, use bilingual dictionaries, voice note tools, and more
  • Refer to the Kurzweil Academy Video Series to learn tips and tricks for using Kurzweil3000.

To access Kurzweil 3000 on the library PCs, you must click the button below to request an account. Accounts are Free to all UCF Students, Faculty, and Staff.

Request Kurzweil User Account

For more information, visit the Student Accessibility Services’ Accessible Technology page.

Visit the following locations in the John C. Hitt Library for other equipment and software:

Accessibility workstation showcasing large print keyboard and installed accessibility software.
AT4E Computer with large print keyboard

Second Floor (Main Floor – Middle Area)

  • AT4E Computer with large print keyboard, JAWS and ZoomText,
    • Headphones and headsets are available for checkout at the LibTech Desk
  • 3 KIC Scanners, converts text into searchable pdfs, jpgs or spoken audio mp3 files
  • 6 computers at collaboration tables with 43-inch monitors for easier viewing

Second Floor (Main Floor – near LibTech / Fountain Entrance)

image depicting two people using the sorenson video phone
Sorenson Video Phone / Video Relay Service
  • Sorenson Video Phone / Video Relay Service for deaf and hard of hearing patrons.
    • Deaf students can make and receive Sorenson Video Relay Service (SVRS) calls using ntouch VP, as well as make direct calls to other videophone users.
    • Sorenson videophones and SVRS service are provided only for use by deaf and hard-of-hearing people who use ASL to communicate.
    • To use the library’s Sorenson phone, check out the remote from the LibTech Desk.
  • Microfilm/microfiche readers with greater magnification (up to 50x)

Curriculum Materials Center

The Curriculum Materials Center staff strive to serve the needs of every patron. Please let us know if you need additional assistance. Curriculum Materials Center copiers and printers are configured to be ADA compliant and accessible to patrons with physical disabilities.

There is an accessible computer (large display monitor and MAGic keyboard) that includes Jaws, MAGic, MAGic Eye, and Read & Write software.

Downtown Campus Library

The Downtown Campus Library seeks to provide for the needs of each patron. Please let us know if you need additional assistance. ZoomText and JAWS are installed on each of our public computers. We also have a video magnifier for the viewing of print materials.

Rosen Library

The Rosen Library offers an accessible service counter located just inside the front doors and one computer workstation with Jaws and MAGic software, a large-print MAGic keyboard, and a large display (24 inch) monitor. Please contact us directly for additional assistance.

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