Check out the UCF Libraries’ Vimeo channel for more information about library resources and services. You can explore our videos multiple ways.

Visual representation of search steps listed.

To search individual videos:

  • Go to the UCF Libraries’ Vimeo search page.
  • Click on the search icon in the top right corner.
  • Type your search term in the box and click search.

You can also browse our collections of videos. Links to our most popular collections are included below.

Library Website and Services

Includes a tour of our homepage, information about borrowing and renewing materials, and more.

Research Tutorials

Contains videos demonstrating how to search for books, ebooks, articles, and patents using library search tools like Primo and the library databases, and more.


Videos on MLA and APA citation styles and formatting.

Business and Career Research

Demonstrations of how to search for company, product, and market information using a variety of business databases and library resources, and more.

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