21st Century Library

A new library for a new tomorrow

Welcome to the John C. Hitt Library, home to the University of Central Florida’s 21st Century Library.

Originally constructed in 1968, the library building is being updated and repurposed to create a unified center for learning, scholarly research, and engagement. The project blends traditional library spaces with innovative design to provide improved and faster access to library resources, access to technology and technology assistance, areas for collaborative and individual study, and a welcoming environment for the UCF community.

Discover the 21st Century Library by visiting our phased improvement pages.

Current Phase

The original library building is being renovated one floor at a time to match the aesthetic and functional design of the 21st Century Library. The planning of the fourth floor, Phase IID, is currently in progress. Visit our Phase IID page to learn more about fourth floor improvements.

Phase-IID Overview Floorplans
Phase-IID Overview


The John C. Hitt Library building has undergone much growth along with the UCF campus. Read more about the library building’s history, from groundbreaking to current day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the 21st Century Library?

– Approximately 3,500 public seats in various configurations for individual and group study.
– Automated Retrieval Center (ARC) with eventual capacity to hold 1.25 million volumes.
– Open-access stacks with the capacity for approximately 100,000 volumes.
– A library entrance facing the Student Union.
– A circulation desk at the north plaza entrance.
– The fourth floor Reading Room atop the Automated Retrieval Center.
– The Gallery for special collections and exhibits.
– An expanded special collections and university archives center with climate controlled “stacks.”
– Digital commons to house specialty software on dedicated desktop PCs.
– Additional desktop PC workstations.
– Additional group study rooms.
– Updated restrooms and elevators.

How many phases are in the project?

Phase I – The Automated Retrieval Center (completed)
Phase IA – The Connector addition (completed)
Phase IB – The Plaza entrance and landscaping (completed)
Phase IIA – Third Floor Renovation (completed)
Phase IID – Fourth Floor Renovation (in progress)
Future Phases – Renovations of the first, second, and fifth floors, as well as ARC expansion, in separate phases.

When will Phase IID be completed?

Phase IID, the renovation of the fourth floor, is expected to begin in May 2024 and last approximately 18 months.

When will the entire 21st Century Library be completed?

Renovating each floor will take approximately 18 months to complete. The exact finish date for the project will be influenced by the speed of construction and the availability of funding.

How is the 21st Century Library being funded?

The 21st Century Library is being funded by the Capital Improvement Trust Fund (CITF). The Capital Improvement Trust Fund receives funds which are paid as part of semester tuition. To date, $92M in student funds have supported the 21st Century Library Project.

Will part or all of the library close during any phase?

Library services and resources will remain available throughout the project. Space will be available for study and research during phases of work. Access to some areas of the library may be restricted at times as the work proceeds, and alternative locations will be provided for services and study.

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