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Toshiba Multifunction Printer that allows printing, copying, and scanning

All UCF Libraries locations use Toshiba Multifunction Printing devices as our Printer Release Stations. These devices can Print, Copy, and Scan in Black & White or Color. Printer Release Stations take only funds UCF Cards / Copy Cards  or NID account. View Printing Instructions

UCF Students can use $1.00 Weekly Print Funds from Student Government (SG) followed by Knight Cash account via UCF Card & NID. Knight Cash can be loaded via kiosks or .

Guest Printing: A Copy Card is required for printing and copying ($1 Cash Card Purchase + Knight Cash Funds).
Alternatively, guests can visit The Spot, located in the John T. Washington Center for easier printing (no copy cards required / all forms of payment accepted)

Printing Costs

Black & WhiteColor
$0.08 per side$0.30 per side
$0.18 per side$0.40 per side
$0.28 per side$0.50 per side
Printing Costs for each paper size offered in Black & White and Color options.


Copies can be made on all Multifunction Printers. Knight Cash on UCF Cards / Copy Cards or Weekly Print Funds from Student Government is the only accepted form of payment.

  • $0.08 per side B&W
  • $0.30 per side Color


Scanners are free to use and are available in most UCF Libraries locations. Scans can be made on all Multifunction Printers as well as flatbed scanners and KIC Book Scan Stations. See the locations listed below to find out more.


Map of John C. Hitt Library with the Print Zone enlarged showing its location in the center of the map.

John C. Hitt Library

The John C. Hitt Library offers four Print Release Stations on the Second Floor in the Print Zone located in the center of the library.

Additional Scanners

KIC Book Scan Stations, Auto Document Feeder (Found on Multi-Function Printers and dedicated work stations), Flatbed Scanners, and Microform Scanners can be found in the Scan Zone, next to the LibTech Desk and across from the Print Zone on the Second Floor.

printer located by Knight Cash machine

Rosen Library

The Rosen Library offers one Print Release Station and one KIC Click Mini Book Scan Station located next to the Knight Cash Machine. Flatbed scanners are located at two computer workstations in the Rosen Library and are available to use at no cost.

For assistance with scanning, please see a library staff member at the front desk.

Curriculum Materials Center

The Curriculum Materials Center has a Multifunction Printer located at the bank of computers by the Service Desk.

There is also a KIC Book Scan Station by the entryway and two document/flatbed combination scanners located by the bank of computers near Biography shelving.

Downtown Campus Library

The Downtown Campus Library offers wireless printing. For more information, see the Wireless Printing page. Patrons can access a copier located just outside the library, across from the women’s restroom.

The Downtown Campus Library has a KIC Book Scan Station by the entryway.

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