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21st Century Library Project

The 21st Century Library blends traditional library spaces with innovative design to provide faster access to library resources, new learning technologies, more seating for collaborative and individual study, better visibility to move within the building, and collections to support expanding programs.

Phase IIA of the project, the renovation of the Third Floor, is now complete! Come to the John C. Hitt Library to experience the new Third Floor.

Phase IID, the renovation of the Fourth Floor is currently in the planning and drafting phase.

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Diamond's Hidden Gems thumbnail

Diamond’s Hidden Gems – KRAM for the Exam

Taking your course finals is a necessary part of your academic journey, and preparing for them is a vital step. This includes more than just reviewing your notes and memorizing information. Preparing includes ensuring that you are mentally, emotionally, and physically sound enough to withstand long exam periods and apply the knowledge you have spent […]

Zen Zones 

The library has something for everyone. If you’re looking for a quiet place to study, reflect, or enjoy a fun read, these spaces are perfect for you! Check out these tranquility tips for activating your calm in the John C. Hitt Library.  Quiet Booths  In our bustling library, we are proud to offer students a […]

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Bookbinding Workshop for Students and Library Patrons

April 11, 2024, 5:45 pm – 8:00 pm Free bookbinding workshop for students and library patrons: The Simply Sewn Book: Japanese Stab Binding with Western Materials with David NeesJohn C. Hitt LibraryUCF Main Campus, Room 170, First Floor Workshop description:The tradition of book binding goes back thousands of years, spanning not only time but place […]

Celebrate Library Awards Avatar

Excellence in Professional Service 2024 – Kristine Shrauger

Congratulations to Kristine Shrauger for winning the 2023-24 Excellence in Professional Service Award! This faculty award is to honor a member who demonstrates a record of excellence in service to the University of Central Florida and professional service. Besides contributions to the library profession, Kristine has served on the Faculty Senate for nine years, including […]

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