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21st Century Library Project

The 21st Century Library has been designed and planned to support more than the explosive growth in enrollment. New learning and discovery technologies, collaborative and individual research and study, collections in a variety of formats with the breadth and depth to support new and expanding programs will be available to students and faculty in a welcoming, engaging and inspiring environment

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Research Tips Thursday: Identifying Good Evidence

Looking for a quick and easy technique to help you incorporate supporting evidence in your writing? Check out this week’s Research Tip Thursday video! You will find a simple strategy that you can use to keep track of evidence as you go and quickly identify gaps that need filled. Find this video and more at […]

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Featured Bookshelf: Hispanic Heritage

Hispanic Heritage Month, established in 1988, runs from September 15 through October 15. It recognizes and celebrates the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans have made to the United States. Florida in particular has a strong Hispanic legacy including the oldest inhabited city in the U.S., St. Augustine, which was founded in 1565 by the […]

Faculty Support Image of open books and pen in front of a bookcase

Faculty Support: Textbook Affordability

One way that faculty can help reduce the cost of a college education and positively impact student academic performance is to remove the barrier of high cost, commercially produced textbooks. There are several options for faculty to support textbook affordability efforts. See if the library can offer your textbook as an electronic book. The library […]

Access Library Computers through UCF Apps!

Due to COVID-19, a number of computers in the library where made unavailable to patrons to provide appropriate physical distancing. To make up for this loss in physical computer access, we have made those Public PC desktop computers available as virtual desktops. This allows you to access all of the programs and applications found on […]

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