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21st Century Library Project

The 21st Century Library blends traditional library spaces with innovative design to provide faster access to library resources, new learning technologies, more seating for collaborative and individual study, better visibility to move within the building, and collections to support expanding programs.

Phase IIA of the project, the renovation of the Third Floor, is now complete! Come to the John C. Hitt Library to experience the new Third Floor.

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Steelcase QT Booths promotional image

Introducing New State-of-the-Art Quiet Booths for Enhanced Library Experience 

In response to the persistent demand for increased quiet spaces and a commitment to enhancing the academic environment, the University of Central Florida Libraries installed 15 cutting-edge Steelcase QT pods, or “Quiet Booths”, in the John C. Hitt Library during the week of November 13-17, 2023.  Acknowledging the common concerns of students regarding noise levels in […]

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Unleashing the Future: UCF’s Open Access Book Propels AI Education and Celebrates the Power of Open Access 

Open access amplifies the impact of scholarly work and ensures that knowledge is not confined within the walls of academia but is freely accessible to educators, learners, and researchers globally. This democratization of information aligns with UCF’s values and its commitment to fostering a collaborative and inclusive learning environment.  Faculty at the University of Central […]

Diamond's Hidden Gems thumbnail

Diamond’s Hidden Gems – Library Study Rooms

Welcome to Diamond’s Hidden Gems, a blog series in which I introduce you to the University of Central Florida’s library services that you may not know about! The end of a college semester marks a period of exam preparation, essay writing and re-writing, and the endless struggle of finding a place to study. I’ve talked […]

International Games Month banner. Text: Your main objective is graduating, but what's an adventure without side-quests? Library Side-Quests will help you find the undiscovered knowledge that can help you on your quest to graduate college.

Downtown Campus Library Celebrates International Games Month 2023

International Games Week is back, and it’s now a month long celebration of gaming in libraries. International Games Week began as International Games Day in 2007 as an attempt to break a world record for the most people playing the same game simultaneously. It has grown into a weeklong event to showcase games and gaming […]

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