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Penguin and Snowflakes

Holiday Greetings from the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries

UCF Libraries is a proud member of the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL).  ASERL’s holiday greeting at  provides a beautiful overview of the extraordinary resources of the association’s members, displaying items with a wintry theme from special collections and archives of the member libraries.  UCF’s Special Collections and University Archives contribution is toward the end, so enjoy and stay tuned.

Photo of front entrance to John C. Hitt library and the Flame of Hope

From the Libraries Suggestion Box…

Recent submissions to the Libraries Suggestion Box:

There are not enough seats on the 5th Floor!!!

There are 170 seats in the 5th Floor Quiet Study Zone, and while we are pleased with the success of this new space, we are aware that there is not enough room for all the students who would like to use it, particularly during Finals Week.  While work on the 21st Century Library    continues, we are making an effort to provide as much space for quiet study and research as possible.  Please check rooms 235A and 235C on the main floor, and the 4th floor for quiet space.  Although not designated as quiet zones, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor have seating available.  You can check study room availability at  Thank you for your patience, Knights!

Concern about seeking employment in the library, and diversity in student employees.

Recently, a graduate student expressed interest in employment at the library, and concern about hiring student assistants.  Application for jobs at the library and information on the process can be found at Submitted student applications remain on file at the library for 60 days.  Qualifications are the most important element of an application.  But two other factors come into play:  one is the class schedule, and the second is job openings. The employee’s class schedule should fit the needs of the job, and, of course, there need to be jobs available at the time of the application.

Ethnicity of the applicants is not known to the supervisors when they evaluate applications.  As a point of interest, 46% of current part-time library employees self-reported as White after they were hired.  54% reported as Black, Hispanic, Asian, Multi-Racial, and Native American.  Thank you for your interest in the library!

Submit your idea, suggestion or complaint at  or write it out and place in the wooden suggestion boxes at the Circulation Desk or the Research and Information Desk in the John C, Hitt Library.

Researching Patent & Trademark Information

Researching Patent & Trademark Information

Join the UCF Library as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of becoming a Patent and Trademark depository library!  This one-day FREE seminar, “Researching Patent and Trademark Information”, features a range of informational sessions for inventors, entrepreneurs, educators, students and legal professionals.  Topics include:

  • An overview of Intellectual Property
  • How to conduct a patent search
  • How to conduct a trademark search
  • How to avoid invention promotion scams
  • A local resource panel of business and innovation experts.

You may stay for the entire seminar, or only come for the morning or afternoon.  Advance registration is recommended so that we may send attendees a complimentary parking pass and estimate attendance.  See for registration and further information.


Kram for the Exam Fall 2018

Kram for the Exam

Come join us for our annual fall Kram for the Exam. SGA will be walking around the John C. Hitt Library handing out goodies and study materials during the following dates and times:

  • Tuesday, December 4th at 12:00 pm
  • Thursday, December 6th at 5:00 pm

Hope to see you here and good luck on your exams!

Featured Bookshelf Staff Favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy

Featured Bookshelf: Staff Favorite Science Fiction & Fantasy

For the month of December, the UCF Libraries Bookshelf celebrates the favorite books of employees of the UCF Libraries. And you know a major thing about librarians? They love talking about their favorite books. The books listed below are ones we have (and will continue to) read many times over the course of our lives. The genre for our 2018 staff favorites is science fiction and fantasy.

Click on the link below to see the full list, descriptions, and catalog links for the staff favorite science fiction and fantasy titles suggested by UCF Library employees. These 30 books plus many, many more are also on display on the 2nd (main) floor of the John C. Hitt Library next to the bank of two elevators.


Featured Bookshelf: Staff Favorite Science Fiction & Fantasy

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