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Get to Know Your Library!

Fifth Floor

Most important thing to know about the fifth floor is that it is for quiet study only. Users should refrain from conversations and silence their phones while studying up here.

Photograph of center section of 'Wisdom Temple', an acrylic painting by Steve Lotz. Features pastel colored plants and geometric shapes above a body of water.


If you pass through the glass doors you’ll see an exhibit space with selections from our Special Collections and University Archives. The current exhibit highlights items about the Citizen’s Bank of Oviedo.

Beyond the exhibit cases you will see a very large acrylic painting titled Wisdom Temple by Steve Lotz. Mr. Lotz became the UCF Art Department’s first chairman in 1968 and continued teaching at UCF until his retirement in 2003. You can see more of his work throughout central Florida including the Orlando International Airport and in UCF’s Millican Hall.


Many library departments are located on the fifth floor including the Administrative offices, Cataloging and Acquisitions, as well as Special Collections and Library Archives.

Seating and Computers

Due to the quiet nature of this floor, you will not find group study rooms or tables here. But you will find a large variety of types of single seating configurations as well as computers and outlets. The large glass windows also give patrons a panoramic view of the campus while they choose a seat to enjoy a good fun read, review class notes, or research our databases on a computer.

Photo of white tables with glass partitions against a backdrop of a long glass window on the 5th floor of the John C Hitt Library.


There is one set of men’s and women’s restrooms on this floor which can be reached from the study area by walking through the glass doors, past the exhibit cases, and making a left down the hallway.

Black and yellow rectangle with text reading Get to know your library

Get to Know Your Library!

Second Floor

This is the main floor of the Hitt Library. Users can enter and exit the library either from the side facing the fountain or from the side facing the student union.

Service Desks

There are three public service desks on this floor.

Circulation Desk is located by the student union entrance and is where you will go to check out books, course reserves, and study room keys. Search our catalog for any books you might need here.

LibTech Desk is located by the fountain side entrance and is where you will go to check out and return tech items such as laptops, calculators, cameras, charging cords,etc. You can browse the items available here

Research and Information Desk is located in the middle of the floor and is where you can meet with a librarian to ask research questions. Nothing beats in person help, but our research guides can be a great starting point for your project.


There are 2 locations; note the restrooms nearest the Circulation Desk have baby changing stations. The other set of restrooms are up the small set of stairs next to the Knight Reads bookcase in the café. Or you can take the set of three elevators along the brick wall.


From the browsing books in the Knight Reads section near the café to the New Books shelf by the Circulation Desk, you’ll find plenty of fiction and nonfiction to enjoy.

The reference collection of books is also located on this floor. These books are for in library use only and can not be checked out.

Print Stations

Visit the print zone to print items from one of the library computers or from your laptop. You can also scan or make copies. You can add money to your account using one of the kiosks and your UCF ID card. Or by purchasing a guest card if you are not affiliated with UCF. More information on printing available here

Photograph of a grey art wall at an angle with paintings filling it up. Closes painting is of a lush green landscape.


Enjoy the latest exhibit on the seventy foot art wall as well as several exhibit cases. Currently a Lunar New Year exhibit is on display until the end of January but visit often to see all of our exhibits throughout the year.  


Take a break with a cup of coffee or a pastry at the Infusion Cafe and don’t forget a fun read from our Knights Read bookcase conveniently located adjacent to all your caffeinated beverages. Maybe you’ll spot Professor Pegasus on your next visit.

Photograph of a suave gentleprofessor wearing a white horse head mask while drinking a coffee in the Infusion Cafe of the Hitt Library


Enjoy ample group and single study seating throughout the floor as well as lots of outlets to keep your devices charged.


If you have a library instruction session or attend a library event, it might be in one of the rooms on this floor. Rooms 223, 235A, and 235C serve as locations for various library events and workshops.


Interlibrary Loan offices are also located on this floor. Please be sure to wait until you receive an email confirmation that your item is ready before coming to campus to pick it up as well as information on where in the library to get it. More information about Interlibrary Loan can be found here

That’s it for this week. Join us next week for another look at your library!

Black and yellow rectangle with text reading Get to know your library

Get to Know Your Library!

Join us each week this semester to learn about your library. First up we will detail which services and resources are available on each floor of the John C Hitt Library located on the Orlando campus, starting with the first floor.

First Floor

The first floor is partially underground so there are no public exits and one must go upstairs to the second floor to enter or exit the building. Most of the first floor has been recently refurbished and houses many collections and resources. For an online map of this floor, visit


Our United State Government, Patents, Trademarks, and Florida State documents are located here as well as microfiche. We have quite the variety of colorful items in this collection such as this guide to the Grand Canyon.


We have SO many large maps and atlases to browse through. Also check out the last wooden card catalog still in use in the library. It houses the same information about our older documents collection as our online catalog has but on cute little paper cards.  

Instruction Rooms

If your class has a library instruction session, it is likely to be in one of these rooms. Instructors should visit our faculty services page to schedule a library instruction session.

Study Rooms

There are group study rooms available for reservation on the first floor. To reserve a study room, please visit

Photo of a classroom featuring blue and green plastic chairs at computer tables.
Colorful painting of a woman with dark hair and an orange dress across a two page spread in a book.


So many giant books with gorgeous art prints, photographs of space, along with many other interesting finds.


Recordings of audio books, music, and comedy shows are available and perfect for upcoming road trips.


Topographical Map of the US – A lovely 3d map of the United States can be found near the older elevators for this floor.

Women of NASA – Several women from NASA are highlighted in a small collection showcased on the cabinets in the documents section.

Documents Exhibit Cases – There is a small exhibit area near the middle of the floor that features various government document materials.

Book Jackets – Got a collage project coming up? Check out our FREE collection of colorful book jackets for anyone to freely take and use for their art or just trim and frame for some free wall art in your dorm!

Illustration of a rocket next to Mary Jackson, NASA engineer.
Photo of blue bench seats with outlets on the sides of the seats and a brown table inbtween the seats.

Seating and Outlets

Lots of seating and outlets available to study with your friends and keep your devices charging while you work. Variety of configurations of tables and chairs to accomodate both single and group study.

Service Desks

There are no public service desks on this floor. If you need any assistance, the second floor has multiple help points available including the Circulation Desk, LibTech Desk, and the Research and Information Desk. Or you can contact us via chat, phone, or text on our Ask a Librarian service at


Restrooms are located near the newer section by the study rooms.

Join us next week when we cover what you will find on the second floor of the Hitt Library!

16th Annual Student Book Arts Competition Exhibit

Exhibit: 16th Annual Student Book Arts Competition

UCF Libraries’ Special Collections & University Archives is pleased to announce the 16th Annual Student Book Arts Competition Exhibit. The competition invited UCF and Rollins College students to submit one-of-a-kind artist books. Unlike traditional books, artist books are handmade to reflect personal artistic visions of their creators ranging from narrative storytelling through but not limited to drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and/or text. The 16th Annual Student Book Arts Competition Exhibit showcases of all entries created during the 2021-2022 academic calendar year.

Our guest judge for the competition was Nikki Fragala Barnes. Nikki an editor, curator, experimental poet and participatory installation artist, whose practice is collaborative, participatory, and place-based. She is currently the co-leader of the Book Arts Guild of Central Florida.


Joy Postle artwork

Artist Spotlight: Joy Postle

Joy Postle was a prolific artist whose career spanned more than seventy years. Her artistic output was varied and extensive. She painted wildlife in their environment, created murals that covered entire walls and rooms, and during the Great Depression, worked for the Florida Art Project of the WPA. Besides being an accomplished painter, Postle also made block prints and hand-colored hundreds of offset prints. She worked in oils, acrylics, watercolor, pen-and-ink, and pencil. She painted landscapes and murals, made sketches of people and places, and created her own pen-and-ink cartoons. Additionally, Postle wrote poetry and then illustrated her poems with drawings, authored books on drawing, and illustrated books for other authors.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Chicago, Postle moved out west to Boise, Idaho, where she bought a ranch with her brother in the early 1920s. Postle began painting and sketching the wildlife around her in Idaho. She gained a reputation for her artwork, opening an art studio and working as an interior decorator. After marrying Robert Blackstone, a journalist who would become her publicist and manager, Postle and Blackstone lived and traveled in a modified Model-T Ford truck through the West, Southwest, and South. Postle was the primary breadwinner, selling her paintings and painting murals as they traveled. They lived the “van life” long before this nomadic lifestyle was popularized by influencers and Instagram.

The couple eventually arrived in Florida in 1934. They continued living their nomadic lifestyle, camping, hiking, and bird watching; these explorations allowed Postle to study nature closely and refine her craft. She created murals featuring birds and wildlife for many commercial sites, including Disney. In addition to painting and writing, Postle created and performed “Glamour Birds,” which featured her painting birds while accompanied by bird songs and music. Postle and Blackstone toured Florida with this one-woman show, a cross between educational talk and performance art.

After years of nomadic living, the couple eventually settled in a modest home and studio on Lake Rose at Orla Vista, near Gotha, Florida, in 1942. Postle continued as the family breadwinner, using Florida’s environment as the chief subject for art. She waded through swamps, climbed trees, endured bugs, and “stayed up all night” to observe her beloved birds and other wildlife. Postle witnessed the destruction of the Florida landscape and fought to save the environment she loved so much. Not one to sit idly by, Postle wrote letters to the local newspaper and used her art to voice her concerns about man’s impact on nature.

A fire at their home in 1968 killed Blackstone and badly injured Postle. She persevered despite severe burns and resumed her performances and exhibitions. She took commissions, exhibited her work, and sold paintings well into old age. Postle died on June 1, 1989, and her ashes were spread at her home at Lake Rose in Florida.

Joy Postle is one of the artists featured in the UCF Libraries Special Collections & University Archives’ current exhibit, “Wild at Heart: Conserving Nature Through Art & Archives.” This exhibition explores the art, artists, and activists that challenge us to think deeply about the impacts of urbanization and climate change on the world around us. The exhibit runs through May 1, 2022, in the 4th-floor gallery of the John C. Hitt Library.

Illustration caption information:

Left to right: [Industrial scene] block print, undated; Joy Postle painting by the ocean, copy photograph; “Narrow sound on bay, on road to Gule Beach, Grand Lagoon, Pensacola, Florida,” watercolor, 1931

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