Request classroom instruction: Complete this form to set up an instruction session with a librarian in either the library or your classroom. Instruction sessions are most productive when they are connected to a specific assignment in your course.

Events & Workshops: See a list of upcoming events and workshops offered by the library.

Add a Librarian to your Webcourse: Use this page to identify and then contact your subject librarian to discuss options for incorporating library resources into your Canvas site.

Information Literacy modules: Assign these modules to your students to help them learn essential research skills like avoiding plagiarism and citing in APA and MLA, conducting a literature review, recognizing a research study, and many others.

Introduction to Library Research Strategies (Webcourses module): Include this course in your Canvas site to help students review key research skills. While this course is required of all Strategies for Success and English Composition II students, faculty teaching other courses can request access.

Research guides: See this collection of subject-specific resource guides created by librarians. You may also request a librarian to create a custom research guide for your course by completing this form.

Library instruction videos: Link to any of our Vimeo videos in your course sites. Videos include step-by-step tutorials demonstrating research strategies using library resources, recordings of research skills webinars, and a variety of other resources

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