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Photo of front entrance to John C. Hitt library and the Flame of Hope
John C. Hitt Library

If you are viewing this Web page you are likely thinking about supporting the University of Central Florida Libraries by making a donation.  Support from our alumni, friends, colleagues, and community ensures that the UCF Libraries continues to provide access to the resources and facilities that our students and faculty need to support instruction and research.  Your financial gift to the UCF Libraries is an investment in the future of countless UCF students.  There are three primary accounts to which we would welcome your donation:  Library Enrichment, June S. Stillman Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Libraries Student Assistants, and 21st Century Library Project [Library Expansion].  To make a donation to one of the above Libraries accounts, complete the UCF Foundation’s Donation Form.

Library Enrichment Gifts:  

Gifts to the Library Enrichment fund are unrestricted funds that allow us the flexibility to direct resources where they are most needed.

June S. Stillman Memorial Endowed Scholarship:

 Named for one of our library’s first librarians, this scholarship $2,000 is designed to help with the educational goals of students and USPS staff members who are working in the University Libraries.

Library Expansion (21st Century Library) Project:  

As a leading-edge university, it is vital that UCF continues to keep pace with all aspects of higher education in today’s technologically advanced, globally connected world, and that begins with a comprehensive redesign of the John C. Hitt Library to meet the needs of students, faculty and the Central Florida community.  Please join us in the renewal of our university’s academic heart and soul:  a UCF Library for the 21st century.

For information please contact the Library Administration Offices, (407-823-2564) or

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