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Open Ed Live Event

UCF’s Inaugural Open Ed Live Event Showcased Faculty Support for Open Education 

UCF’s inaugural Open Ed Live event was held online earlier this year and brought together higher ed teaching faculty, librarians, and instructional designers to explore the boundless opportunities of open education. The event was hosted online by the Division of Digital Learning along with members of UCF Libraries, UCF Bookstore, and the UCF Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs. 

Recordings and files from Open Ed Live are now available in STARS, UCF’s institutional repository hosted by the UCF Libraries. 

The presentations illustrate how much open education has evolved in a relatively short time. Highlights from these sessions include thoughtful discussions on artificial intelligence, balancing open initiatives with inclusive access programs, and a panel of students who actively advocated for open educational resources (OER) at UCF. While textbook affordability remains one of the key appeals of OER, what is striking about these presentations is the progression of OER from the realm of affordability into open scholarship and pedagogy.   

John Venecek, UCF Humanities Librarian, shares his perspective:  

My first foray into OER was a decade ago when there was still a lot of skepticism about open access (OA). Most instructors were reluctant to abandon traditional textbooks in favor of something as nebulous as an OER. One of the few exceptions was Dr. Christian Beck (English) who worked with a team of librarians and instructional designers to create an open anthology for his Medieval Literature course. This anthology, which we made freely available to students, has been a resounding success. Since the project launched in 2016, the anthology has been used in dozens of classes reaching hundreds of students while saving them thousands of dollars.  

Since that initial project, I have worked on several similar ventures, including the design of an open course entitled Strategies for Conducting Literary Research with Dr. Barry Mauer (English). The more I have delved into OER, the more my focus has shifted from the principles of equity and access, which remain important, to exploring innovative approaches to employing the OER model as a form of student engagement, inclusive pedagogy, digital storytelling, and social justice.  

As former UCF colleague CJ Ivory states in the description of her book, Using Open Educational Resources to Promote Social Justice, “OER have the potential to celebrate research done by marginalized populations in the context of their own communities, to amplify the voices of those who have the knowledge but have been excluded from formal prestige networks, and to engage students as co-creators of learning content that is relevant and respectful of their cultural contexts” (Ivory & Pashia, 2022). I have begun implementing these ideas by creating courses that encourage students to play a more an active role as co-creators. In so doing, OER are uniquely positioned to highlight varying perspectives, amplify marginalized voices, promote integrative learning, and emphasize empathy as a research skill.  

Some of the same campus units that organized the Open Ed Live event are available to help UCF faculty explore and adopt OER. To learn more about OER, see the library guide on OER. For faculty with questions or specific support needs, please submit a response to the OER Contact Form

Diamond's Hidden Gems

Diamond’s Hidden Gems – De-Stress in the Library

The University of Central Florida hosts a variety of resources designated to making sure students are emotionally, mentally, and physically well. The need for these services only increases around finals, where students tend to forgo their well-being in order to prioritize time for studying and certain grades.

The UCF Library will be hosting two events that will allow students to shed the stress and anxieties that come with preparing for and taking course finals.

The first event is Cookies and Coloring. The organizers have intended this event to be a giant thank you, where they share their appreciation for your utilization of library services and express that you are always welcome in the space. Enjoy cookies, drink offerings, and the summery atmosphere. Coloring pages, crayons, and coloring pencils will be provided. This will be the second time this event has been held, and attendees are welcome to provide feedback! This event will be held on April 25 from 7 pm to 9 pm in Room 402 in the John C. Hitt Library.

The second event is Random Acts of Snacks. During finals week, library employees will distribute small, free snacks throughout the John C. Hitt Library to help fuel finals preparation. Keep in mind that Random Acts of Snacks is, indeed, random; there are no particular times or room numbers to be aware of. Instead, keep an eye out for a friendly face (and their snacks) as you study during the week.

Library Resources Unleashed: Fueling Startup Innovation and Success

Library Resources Unleashed: Fueling Startup Innovation and Success

In this interactive session, we’ll delve into how to strategically leverage business databases available at UCF Libraries to gain insights that will set your startup apart in the competitive landscape.  

Date: October 24, 2023, Tuesday, 3pm
Location: Blackstone Launchpad, Student Union

Yellow background with black microphone in lower right hand side and words Free Knight Open Mic in black bold font

Free Knight, Open Mic: Open Mic at UCF Libraries!

Have a poem you’d like to read, a piece of music you’d like to play, or need to practice a speech in front of an audience? Whether it’s a stand-up bit that needs some work or you just have something to say and you need someone to hear it, share what you’d like at Free Knight, Open Mic!

Wednesday April 5, 2023
7pm – 9pm
John C. Hitt Library, Room 402

• No overtly vulgar, violent, or controversial subject matter.
• Presenters will have up to 10 minutes allotted for setup, presentation, and breakdown.
• Slots are limited – contact as soon as possible for registration.
• Walk ins welcome as time permits – no guarantees.

For more information, please contact See you there!

Explore the 3rd floor

Explore the 3rd Floor

Students! The wait is over! Come join UCF Libraries as we “Explore the 3rd Floor” on Monday, February 27th. Come check out the 3rd floor renovations from 10 am to 12 pm. Starting at the glass stairwell, come look for clues and answer questions about the new spaces. The activity will end in the Academic Engagement Suite and ducks will be provided to the first 300 participants.

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