John C. Hitt Library

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John C. HItt Library Knowledge Commons, 2010
John C. HItt Library Knowledge Commons, 2010

The John C. Hitt Library [named for our university president on the occasion of his 20th anniversary at UCF is under the leadership of Dean of Libraries Beau Case and offers a variety of space options for students: individual and faculty/graduate student study rooms; a presentation practice room; two library classrooms; quiet study floors; Infusion Café; Knowledge Commons (24,800 square foot learning and technology environment providing seating for 479 undergraduate and graduate students; 196 desktop PC stations; 116 seats with 110v power within easy reach; 167 additional seats in differing configurations including tables, upholstered chairs with tablet arms, soft seating, and group study settings; and portable whiteboards); and a variety of exhibit spaces on the 2nd and 5th floors.

With just over 100 library faculty and support personnel, and close to 100 student assistants, it is also home for 10 of its 13 departments:

Collections housed in the John C. Hitt Library

Services offered in the John C. Hitt Library



  • cash-to-card machine
  • copier
  • printer
  • color printer
  • scanner
  • public computer


In this Library Phone Email
Acquisitions & Collection Services 407-823-1424
Administration 407-823-2564
Cataloging 407-823-2523
Circulation 407-823-2580
Interlibrary Loan 407-823-2383
Research and Information Services 407-823-2562
Special Collections & University Archives 407-823-2576
Scholarly Communication 407-823-2402
Student Learning & Engagement 407-823-2562
Technology Lending (LibTech) 407-823-2384
Technology Solutions and Digital Initiatives 407-823-1236

Mailing Address

  • University of Central Florida Libraries
  • P.O. Box 162666
  • Orlando, FL 32816-2666

Physical / Shipping Address

  • University of Central Florida
  • John C. Hitt Library
  • 12701 Pegasus Drive, Building 2
  • Orlando, FL 32816-8030




Located in the heart of campus, next to the reflecting pond.

Directions to our Loading Dock

Directions to the John C. Hitt Library Loading Dock

  1. Enter UCF Campus via University Boulevard. This is the “main” entrance to campus.
  2. Turn right (southeast) onto Gemini Boulevard. The first stop light after entering campus is at University Boulevard and Gemini Boulevard. [Note: University Boulevard ends at Gemini Boulevard. You either have to go left or right. If you go straight through this intersection you would enter Garage A.]
  3. Follow Gemini Boulevard around past the water tower. Once you are on Gemini Boulevard, you will go through four stoplights:
  4. Stoplight 1: Central Florida Boulevard
  5. Stoplight 2: Andromeda Circle
  6. Stoplight 3: Garage B entrance/exit
  7. Stoplight 4: Libra Drive (the water tower will be on your right)
  8. At the fifth stoplight, turn left (west) onto Scorpius Street. This is the stoplight after the water tower. The new UCF power plan building is on the southwest corner of Gemini Boulevard and Scorpius Street. Once you are on Scorpius Street, you will go through two stop signs:
  9. Stop sign 1: Garage C entrance. This is a 3-way stop sign. Garage C will be on your right
  10. Stop sign 2: Pedestrian cross walk. NOTE: The road is in terrible shape just pass this stop sign. Drive carefully through here.
  11. Turn right at the third stop sign on Scorpius Street. You can only turn right at this stop sign. If you go straight you will be in a loading dock area. The Research I building is on your right.
  12. Veer left at the intersection of Scorpius Street and Pegasus Drive. This is a strange intersection – Scorpius Street veers left and turns into Pegasus Drive. There is a sign post to the left, which can be difficult to see, that says “PEGASUS DR.” It also has a sign that “STUDENT UNION” with an arrow pointing to the left. If you accidentally continue straight instead of veering left, you will end up on the far side of the Research I building and eventually in its parking lot.
  13. Follow Pegasus Drive as it turns left. There will be open space/wet lands on your right.
  14. Follow Pegasus Drive as it turns left again. As you veer left, the Student Union and the Libraries ARC building will be on your right.
  15. Enter the Libraries’ loading dock area. This is where Pegasus Drive ends. The John C. Hitt Library loading dock will be on your right.

Directions to the University

See the UCF Web site for Directions to UCF or use Google Maps to get driving directions.


5th Floor

-Quiet Study-

Silence Cell Phones

4th Floor

-Quiet Study-

Silence Cell Phones

  • Current Periodicals
  • Gallery
  • General Collection N – Z
  • Reading Room
  • Study Rooms

3rd Floor

Partially Closed

  • Study Area

2nd Floor


2nd Floor

Main Floor

  • Circulation
  • Classroom 235A
  • Infusion / Java City (Coffee Shop)
  • Knight Reads
  • Knowledge Commons
  • Library Entrances / Exits
  • LibTech Desk – Technology Checkout
  • Microfilm
  • New Books Collection
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Printers & Scanners
  • Reference Collection
  • Research and Information Desk

1st Floor

  • Classrooms 170 & 175
  • CDs
  • Government Information
  • Microfiche / Microfilm
  • Oversized Books
  • Study Rooms
  • VHS/DVD/Blu-ray Viewing Stations

Floor Plans

John C. Hitt – 1st Floor

John C. Hitt – 2nd Floor

John C. Hitt – 3rd Floor

John C. Hitt – 4th Floor

John C. Hitt – 5th Floor

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