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Welcome to the Hitt Maker Podcast Studio at the John C. Hitt Library! Thanks to a generous donation from the Hitt Family to UCF Libraries, a new space was created for UCF Faculty, Staff, and Students to be able record podcasts. The studio was designed to provide a professional experience with easy-to-use equipment.

Quick Info on the Hitt Maker Studio:

  • The Hitt Maker podcast studio allows users to easily capture both audio and video recordings of a podcast
  • Rodecaster Pro II Audio Production mixer provides easy adjustments of microphone levels, effects, monitor headphone levels, and smart pads for fun sound effects!
  • ATEM Mini Pro ISO Video Mixer allows easy live switching of cameras + an HDMI source (example: laptop, iPad, or our iMac secondary monitor).
    • Recordings are saved onto an external SSD drive for quick transfer
  • Both Audio and Video Mixers record Full Mix files plus individual channel files for easy post-edit capabilities
  • 1 to 4 people can be included in recordings
  • The space can also be utilized to record voice-overs for video projects
  • (2) comfy soft seating chairs are in the rear of the room to provide additional seating for those observing the recording
  • Multi-track audio recording into the iMac computer is an option for users with a variety of software options such as GarageBand, Audacity, Logic Pro, and Adobe Audition.
  • The equipment is designed to be controlled by a producer or individual not in the podcast, so bring a friend to help with the recording.
  • New iMac computers, with the same software as the studio, will be installed Spring 2024 semester near the LibTech desk as stations to perform post-editing.

Getting Started

  • A pre-requisite for making Hitt Maker Podcast Studio reservations is self-enrolment to an online Webcourse with successful completion of all modules.
    • The course provides guidelines, policies, and instructions for the operation of the studio and associated equipment.
    • It will also provide information on how to publish podcasts and how to make them available for download via major podcast content delivery networks.
  • Once the Hitt Maker Studio Webcourse is successfully completed, you will be provided a link to make your recording session reservation(s).

Enroll in Podcast Studio Training Webcourse

Important Notes

  • Recording sessions are limited to 90 minutes with one session per week.
  • Sessions can be reserved up to 1 month in advance.
  • Use of the space is restricted to UCF Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • No food or drink permitted in the Studio
  • Policies and procedures may change; stay tuned to this Web site and the Studio Webcourse for the most current information.


If you have questions about the studio, you can email us at libpodcaststudio@ucf.edu.

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