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UCF Faculty, Staff, and Students

UCF student ID example
Sample UCF Card

The UCF Card is used by UCF Faculty, Staff, and Students for all copying and printing in the John C. Hitt Library, the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) – Education Building, and the Universal Orlando Foundation (UOF) Library at Rosen.  

UCF Cards are available at the UCF Card Office on the main UCF Campus. Online Learners/Students can purchase a UCF Card at several of the regional campuses. For additional information and locations, visit the Regional Campus Card Services Locations.

UCF Faculty, Staff, and Students must receive a UCF Card in order to establish a Knight Cash account which is used for payment of printing / copying. However, once the Knight Cash account is established, the NID login can be used in lieu of UCF Card for releasing print jobs / copying on the multi-function printers.

Guests / Visitors

Image of sample visitor card
Sample Copy Card

Non-UCF patrons may purchase a Copy Card at one of the Copy Card dispensing machines located:

  • John C. Hitt Library: At the LibTech Desk.
  • Curriculum Materials Center (CMC): Near the multi-function printer.
  • Rosen Library: Near the multi-function printer.

The price of a card alone is $1.00 – with no added value for copies.  Additional value must be added in order to use the card for copying or printing. Copy Card dispensing machines accept $1 bills only.

NOTE: Patrons are encouraged to keep the value on their Copy Card relatively low because if the card is lost or stolen, the value cannot be added back or refunded onto the card.

Add Knight Cash to UCF Card / Copy Card

Additional value may be added to a UCF Card / Copy Card by transferring cash, credit or debit funds into one of the four Knights Cash Loaders:

  • John C. Hitt Library (2):  2nd floor at Print Zone
  • Curriculum Materials Center (CMC):  Near the photocopier.
  • Rosen Library:  Near the photocopier.

You may also add value to your card your UCF Card / Copy Card online at
This is the only method supported to add Knight Cash funds if using NID login in lieu of UCF Card for copying or printing.

Departmental Charges

The UCF Card Office handles all interdepartmental charges by UCF Departments/Colleges. Any questions regarding library copy card charges should be addressed to the UCF Card Office, (407) 823-2100.

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