21st Century Library

Early Improvements

The 21st Century Library project started in 2017 with many improvements and upgrades to current library amenities and features.

New electrical outlets

Ninety-one electrical outlets were installed on the second (main), third, and fourth floors during summer 2017.

Safety features:  Sprinkler and stairwell upgrades

Work on all of the library stairwells occurred during summer 2017.  Stairwells closed for work, one at a time, throughout the summer and were completed for the start of classes in August 2017.

To bring the stairwells up to the current safety standards, the railings were replaced as well as the floor covering on the steps.  The well-worn carpeting was taken up and replaced by a hard surface covering.  Walls in the stairwells were painted for a brighter look. 

The building sprinkler system was also updated and brought up to code.


During the Phase I of the 21st Century Library project, elevators were replaced and refurbished.  The bank of three elevators near the Exhibit Wall and Mezzanine stairway on the second (main) floor were replaced in summer 2017.  All elevators were completed in early fall semester 2017.

Restrooms in the 1984 addition

Restrooms on the “back” (Student Union side) of the John C. Hitt Library were renovated during spring and summer 2017.

The work was designed to make these restrooms accessible to all UCF students, as well as to freshen the look of the rooms, which were installed in 1983-84.  New floor tile, stalls, sinks, toilets, faucets, mirrors, and a fresh coat of paint were all part of this upgrade.

While the upgraded restrooms will remain in the same location when the 21st Century Library project is complete, plans for future phases call for the restrooms in the “front” of the building (the Reflecting Pond side) to be relocated.  So those restrooms (floors 5, 4, 3 and 2M) will not undergo renovation in the near future.

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