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Preserving and Disseminating

Make sure your hard work is safe and preserved in an organized, efficient way. If it is stored or shared in an accessible location, then your works are easily disseminated to impact worldwide scholarship.

Steps are listed according to the Research Lifecycle. “Preserving and Disseminating” refers to part of the 21st Century Digital Scholarship Cycle.

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Metadata Support

Metadata is data about data. It is associated with an object, a document, or a dataset for purposes of description, administration, technical functionality, and preservation. We provide metadata consultation for students and faculty and assist in metadata production for your publications, images, and other work deposited in the library’s content management systems.

Services and tools:

Research Guide: Metadata

Sai Deng
For more information, contact Sai Deng

Digital Repository

Digital repositories can be institutional or disciplinary. The institutional repository at UCF is called STARS, and it accepts submissions from faculty, staff, students, and UCF affiliates. Using a digital repository helps your scholarship, creative works, and research become easier to find and disseminate.

Services and tools:


Lee Dotson
For more information, contact Lee Dotson

Long Term Preservation

A preservation plan for your research helps to ensure the future use of your data and materials. Depending on the format of data, document, or other scholarship you want to preserve, expertise may be found in different areas of the UCF Libraries. While UCF does not fully support long term preservation at this time, decisions for care are made on a case-by-case basis.

Services and tools:

Lee Dotson
For more information about digital material preservation, contact Lee Dotson

Data Curation and Sharing

This is currently not supported. For more information, please contact Sarah Norris.

Grant Conclusion

Important steps are taken near the end of your award period. The Office of Research can be required to submit invoices, reports, and other materials according to sponsor requirements. Information about your responsibility with this phase, as well as considerations for technology transfer, are found below.

Services and tools:

  • Investigate Technology Transfer to learn about patenting or commercializing your discovery or invention.
  • Know your responsibilities for Award Closeout as your project nears its end.

Research Guides: Patents | Trademarks

Office of Research
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