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How does free help me? Cool things from NASA

Yesterday we talked a little bit about the Open Access movement to share research. Today we are going to focus on the benefits of having research freely available. Let’s look at a government agency right in our own backyard — NASA. You may not realize this, but NASA research and technology has contributed to the development of everything from LED lighting to temper foam mattresses. Unlike Area 51, NASA likes to share what it knows, and collaborates with industry partners in all kinds of ways. Here are some examples: 


Office of Scholarly Communication

The UCF Libraries’ Office of Scholarly Communication (OSC) provides support for students, faculty, and staff in their pursuit to use, create, and publish scholarship. The term “scholarly communication” broadly refers to the steps of scholarly research, writing, publishing, and any other aspect of scholarly output.


STEM Workshops: Research, Data & Tools

Planning Your Literature Review

Tuesday, October 15, 2019
4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Classroom Bldg. I, Room 220

Good strategies provide a sound basis for planning your literature review. The first part of this session highlights strategies for conducting literature searches, identifying related sources, staying up to date on relevant publications, and Google Scholar tips. The second-part of the session will introduce STEM resources and citation management tools (EndNote, RefWorks, & Mendeley). Please bring your laptop or device for hands-on practice.

To register for this session, please use the following link Planning Your Literature Review

Flex Your Data Management Muscles

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
4:00-pm 5:00 pm
Classroom Bldg. I, Room 220

Healthy data management builds a foundation for strong research. Exercise your abilities to document, store, and share data using data management processes and tools. This session will cover the components of a data management plan and introduce participants to the DMPTool. Please bring your laptop or device for hands-on practice

To register for this session, please use the following link Flex Your Data Management Muscles

Please join us in the Spring 2020 for workshops on Data Visualization and Research Impact Metrics. Check UCF Libraries Events Page for details to follow:

For registration questions, please contact or

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