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Video Spotlight

Video Spotlight – Introduction To Research Guides

“Introduction To Research Guides” discusses UCF Research Guides, documented pathways created by UCF librarians to help students locate information, videos, databases, and other resources for a specified subject or discipline.

Click the link to view the video:

Video Spotlight

Video Spotlight – “Three Steps to Getting Started on Your Research Project”

Welcome to Video Spotlight, a series in which I provide a detailed summary of a UCF Libraries research video for your convenience.  

“Three Steps to Getting Started on Your Research Project” breaks down three important steps to start a research project and complete it on time.

Understand the assignment
– Ex. Due date, document length, amount of sources, and where they have to come from (primary or secondary sources, peer-reviewed journals, etc.)
Create a timeline
– If you are looking for a handy checklist to get you started, UCF Libraries has just what you need:
Choose your topic
– Identify a balance between what you want to research and what is feasible. You need base-level information in order to identify such a topic, so be sure you are leaving yourself time to investigate various ideas.
– If you are struggling to find a topic, look through your assigned readings. A concept with a solid body of research and resources behind it will be presented as important subjects for you to know in your course.

If you need assistance, UCF has various resources available to you: such as a research consultation with a subject librarian or a visit to the UCF Writing Center. If you’d like to view more videos from UCF Libraries, navigate to

Diamond's Hidden Gems

Diamond’s Hidden Gems – Student Sticker Contest

The UCF Libraries does more than just encourage academic passions and support research endeavors; it also sponsors a “Love your Libraries” sticker contest! Continue reading to learn all about the contest, how you can participate, what you can win, and examine some of the past winners’ submissions!

This upcoming spring, UCF Students are invited to submit original designs for the university’s “Love your Libraries” sticker contest!

Entries must be no larger than 4” x 3”, and should be submitted as an image file (TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, or GIF). The library will select one winning design that reflects the library to print and distribute during Finals Week (April 24 – 30, 2024). A winner will be announced through library social media and digital signs in the library. The winner will receive 25 printed stickers and an LED light displaying their design!

The contest closes on March 29th at 5PM.

Here are some rules to keep in mind:
– The contest is for UCF students only.
– One entry per student. If more than one entry is submitted by a student, all the entries by that person will be disqualified.
– Judges reserve the right to not select a winner due to limited submissions, or lack of exceptional submissions.
– Entries with explicit content will not be considered for this contest.
– Images may be subject to approval by UCF Marketing.

Submit your design at

Lee Dotson in front of the Hitt Library.

Lee Dotson Selected for 2024 Digital POWRR Peer Assessment Program

Lee Dotson, Digital Initiatives Librarian and manager of STARS (Showcase of Text, Archives, Research & Scholarship), UCF’s institutional digital repository, has been accepted into the prestigious Digital POWRR Peer Assessment Program for the year 2024. POWRR stands for Preserving (digital) Objects with Restricted Resources. This program is sponsored by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). 

The Digital POWRR Peer Assessment Program is an exclusive initiative that is designed to empower individuals to address the challenges of preserving digital assets, especially when faced with limited resources. Lee will engage with a cohort in a year-long comprehensive assessment process, collaborating to evaluate and improve digital preservation strategies and practices. Participants will work closely with peers and mentors, conduct an institutional case study, generate a longer peer assessment report, present findings through a final project showcase, and write a white paper that will be published.  

Participants also receive a participation stipend as well as a “Technology Start Up” award that can be provisioned towards helping to jump start digital preservation activities. 

Congratulations to Lee on this significant achievement! Her participation in this Program is an investment in both her personal and our organizational growth. The digital preservation skills acquired, coupled with her strengthened network and gained leadership capabilities, will contribute significantly to advancing the digital preservation efforts of the UCF Libraries and facilitate deeper collaboration with Special Collections and University Archives. 

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