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What’s behind the fence?

Have you noticed the fencing installed on the north (Student Union) side of the John C. Hitt Library building?

This is the start of Phase 1 of the 21st Century Library project. The site is being prepared for construction of the Automated Retrieval Center (ARC), a four-story structure designed to accommodate 1.25 million print volumes for quick retrieval in a three-story high space. In Phase 2 of the project, a student work space surrounded by windows will be created on the fourth floor, at the top of the ARC.

Before work begins on the ARC, power and plumbing lines will be installed. A new parking area will be completed in a fenced area in front of the College of Sciences, and the current parking spaces will be removed to make way for the ARC.

2 responses to “What’s behind the fence?”

  1. Anna says:

    When is this due for completion?

  2. Meg Scharf says:

    A timetable for Phase 1 of the 21st Century Library project is not yet available. It is currently expected that Phase 1 will be completed sometime in fall, 2017.
    Planning for Phase 2 is expected to begin early in the fall, 2016.

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