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Open Access Week 2020

Introduction to Open Access & Open Access Week 2020

Now in its thirteenth year, Open Access Week is a global event that celebrates the Open Access (OA) movement. It aims to bring awareness to OA and explore the benefits it brings to all. In addition, it is a time for institutions to highlight Open Access efforts and activities locally at their institution. At UCF Libraries, we will be exploring a variety of OA topics during this year’s Open Access Week through blog posts and social media posts to help you learn more about Open Access and what it means for universities, libraries, society, and your own published works.


Open Education Week *

No Textbook Required

Not being able to afford a textbook shouldn’t get in the way of learning. In recognition of Open Education Week (March 2-6), UCF Libraries are spotlighting the efforts of just a few faculty who have made course materials available to students at no cost.

Course: AML 3031

Professor: Farrah Cato created this textbook as part of the Challenge Florida: Open Access Grant.

“Open Anthropology of American Literature” (No Longer Available)

Semester started: Fall 2019
Students Impacted: 36
Potential Savings: $ 2,641

Course: ENL 2012

Professor: Christian Beck

“Anthology of Medieval Literature”

Semester started: Fall 2016
Students Impacted: 493
Potential Savings: $ 34,510

Course: ANT 2000

Professors: Michael G. Callaghan and Lana Williams created this textbook as part of the Challenge Florida: Open Access Grant.

“Exploring Our World: Biological and Archaeological Principles of General Anthropology” 

Semester started: Fall 2019
Students Impacted: 508
Potential Savings: $ 45,443

Course: POS 2041

Professor: Bruce Wilson

“American Government” by OpenStax

Semester started: Summer 2018
Students Impacted: 1223
Potential Savings: $ 138,100

Course: AST 2002

Professor: Thomas Brueckner

“Astronomy” by OpenStax

Semester started: Fall 2017
Students Impacted: 1466
Potential Savings: $ 306,394

Open Access Week Logo of Pirate Ship

Open Access in October

Open Access (OA) is celebrated each year in October during OA Week. OA Week aims to bring awareness to the benefits of OA. It also helps encourage OA advancements and innovations throughout the global scholarly community. OA Week has been a worldwide event for nearly a decade, and it is organized by SPARC.

You might have noticed that our Talk Like a Pirate Day blog post mentioned OA Week. Our pirate-themed OA Week activities are coming up soon!

Mark your calendars for

talk like a pirate day

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy, mateys! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ye need ter use Mango Languages ter ready yer pirate speak!

(Yes, Mango really does have a Pirate course! It has over sixty languages available for you to learn for free through the UCF Libraries!)

Lookin’ ter show off more o’ yer pirate speak? Belay yer carousin’ and be lookin’ forward ter Open Access Week!

(Mark your calendars for Open Access Week starting October 24 for more pirate-themed fun!)

I reckon ye be havin’ questions. Belay yer worryin’! We be a fine lot o’ swashbucklers here, we may tell ye plainly. Be askin’ yer questions, me hearty!

(If you have any questions about Mango, please ask us. For questions about the Open Access Week festivities, please contact Sarah Norris.)

OA Week 2015 banner

Carnival of Open Access

Carnival of Open Access

Join us TODAY, Wednesday, October 21st from 10AM-2PM for the Carnival of Open Access, to celebrate the world of Open Access knowledge. Try your hand at carnival games, get your fortune, enjoy some popcorn, and learn about Open Access. Come to the main floor of the John C. Hitt Library.

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