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shortcuts @ UCF libraries

Short Cuts: From the Ground Up

Where can you find giant maps, study space, and books for days?

The first floor, of course! No, not the floor with the coffee shop. The one beneath that.

Take the stairs or the elevator and visit the first floor of the John C. Hitt Library. Follow Carrie Moran in this quick tour of the place that the government documents department calls home.

3 responses to “Short Cuts: From the Ground Up”

  1. Karen Kopf says:

    Video is well done. Carrie, you look and sound great! I’d go to the first floor tomorrow if I didn’t live in NC!

  2. Clipart says:

    Great video! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Emily Rose says:

    Its very clear and nice video. Thank you for talk about it.

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