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OverKnight Study

OverKnight Study Map
OverKnight Study area boundries.

Starting Monday, August 21st, the HItt Library will feature OverKnight hours from 1 – 6 am Sunday – Thursday nights.

A UCF ID will be REQUIRED to gain entry to the library during these hours which will encompass part of the second floor and will include 150 seats, desktop PCs, restrooms, and a drinking/bottle refill station.

Only the area shown on the map will be accessible during OverKnight Study hours.

No library services such as check outs or research assistance will be available during these extended hours. There are also no printers available.

Patrons are encouraged to visit during regular hours for full library services.

One response to “OverKnight Study”

  1. Sharon says:

    It would be awesome if the entire library could be open during these hours! it’d be more accessible to people that only have time at night! Georgia tech currently implements something similar to their library and UF also has an overnight library. We’re a really big school! We have a lot more people who can only study at night to consider, I’m sure we could do it ! 🙂

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