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Hitt Library to House Injured Marine Wildlife!

We are so pleased to announce that the Hitt Library has been repurposed to serve as a recovery tank for marine wildlife to be treated for injuries before being returned to the ocean. UCF Marine Biology professors and students along with external partners will identify injured animals who are good candidates for rehabilitation in our state of the art recovery tanks. And while these animals are our guests, students are welcome to come by to our viewing area to see these majestic creatures before they are returned to their natural habitats.

Now we know what you’re wondering; what about all the books? Not to worry! All the books are now encased in protective water proof sleeves and arranged by their Library of Congress call numbers on the shelf. You just need to don a dive suit and swim out to the appropriate shelf to retrieve your item and bring it to the check out desk. Easy peasy.

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    This is a good one

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