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Furniture Sit Test

Furniture Testing, 5th Floor!

Come on up to 5th floor, John C. Hitt Library, and have a seat! Furniture testing for the 5th floor quiet zone has begun!

Is it comfortable (Comfort)? Do you like the way it looks (Design)? Would this be good furniture for quiet study and research (Usability)?
Furniture testing will continue for approximately 2 weeks.

(Note: Furniture colors will be selected later. Testing is all about the furniture itself, and how appropriate it is for the new quiet zone and YOU.)

3 responses to “Furniture Testing, 5th Floor!”

  1. Audric Darian says:

    Number 17 is the prime choice. The walls seem to absorb the noise well and provide good coverage from distraction. The desk space is well distributed and it doesn’t feel like you are in a cramped space ( I’m 6ft and have ample space to stretch). Perfect furniture for a floor designed for students who require silence, zero distractions, and ample workspace. The other furniture sets don’t cover all these attributes. Some provide ample workspace but don’t guard you from distractions. Others completely remove you from noise but provide little workspace. The power outlet in 17 is also a major plus. #17FTW

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