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Faculty Support: Swank Streaming Video for Your Courses

Streaming videos are a great way to add engaging content to online courses in a broad range of fields beyond film studies. Everyone from Sociology and LGTBQIA+ Studies to Environmental Studies and Mental Health Counseling can benefit. Luckily, UCF Libraries has many options for you. Today we are featuring Swank Digital Campus.

Swank Digital Campus offers many popular films and current releases as well as HBO documentaries and TV series for use in online courses. UCF currently has 143 Swank films licensed for use including recent releases like Bombshell (2019) and The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019) to classics such as Cool Hand Luke (1967) and Greed (1924). Links for these films can be sent the same business day as the request.

If none of those great films fits your course, you can search the full Swank catalog for specific films or browse by discipline. New film requests generally have a 24-48 hour turn around time. Please note that some films and TV shows are listed as needing “additional fees & time.” These requests need special permissions for the extra cost and have a turn around time of 4-6 weeks.  

If you see anything you like, submit a request through the form on our guide.

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Faculty Support: Taking Quantitative Methods and Data Analytics Online

Are you transitioning your quantitative methods or data analytics modules to a 100% remote environment, and looking for ways to incorporate some real-world data?  You may wish to consider the data and teaching resources available through IPUMS: these video tutorials, introductory webinars, and hands-on exercises are great for use with R, SAS, Stata and SPSS statistical software (as well as Excel).

Additionally, instructors who have registered with IPUMS can also create a classroom account that makes their students’ registration process far more streamlined. 


IPUMS provides government census and survey data from around the world integrated across time and space. Their data encompasses a broad variety of fields (global health, demographics, education, GIS, environment, time use, etc.) describing over 1.4 billion individuals.

IPUMS is a part of the Institute for Social Research and Data Innovation at the University of Minnesota

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Keep cool with summer course materials from UCF Libraries

Many of us are thinking about summer in a whole new way. It can be overwhelming to completely revise a course, especially in light of all the other changes in our lives right now. Imagine how this “new normal” might feel for our students, who may be adjusting to both online learning and a loss of income.

One way faculty can help is by using library materials or Open Educational Resources in lieu of a textbook. Replacing a textbook with no-cost materials removes a financial barrier and ensures students have access to course materials on day one. 

Even replacing one book can make a difference.

Here is a just a snapshot of some of the library resources we can provide to your students at no-cost.

Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to figure this out alone. Contact your Subject Librarian to set up a consultation.

Additional services for faculty are available at
Answers to more general questions about library services can be found at

Still unsure of your next step or have a general question?
Virtual assistance is available through Ask-a-Librarian.

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Virtual Office Hours with Your Librarian

Your librarians are here to assist you virtually as we all learn to navigate being remote learners and teachers. Each librarian listed below is ready to help you with the subjects listed after their name. Each of those subjects links to a research guide for that subject. Most of the librarians listed below have set virtual office hours which are listed below their name and clicking on their name will lead you to their profile page and a link to their virutal office if they have one. Others have a link to set up an online appointment with them. If you need assistance with a subject not listed below or for other research questions, please contact Ask Us and a friendly librarian will be happy to assist you.


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Support our Students with Smart Summer Planning

We hope you are doing well with the all of the changes in how we work and how we teach. As you begin recovering from spring and moving into summer course planning, your friendly librarian is here to support you.

Many of our students are struggling with the loss of income due to the Coronavirus. One way you can pay it forward is by choosing course materials that are always free to our students, making textbooks one less thing they need to worry about. If you are updating your course for summer, we hope you will consider using either library-sourced materials or Open Educational Resources.

In recent weeks, many vendors have reached out with offers of free or reduced cost materials.  What is unclear is how long these offers will last. Open Educational Resources are a great option, with no expiration date on being free. To ensure that the library-sourced materials will be available throughout the semester, check with your subject librarian.

Sifting through all the possibilities can be overwhelming. Count on UCF Libraries to provide support every step of the way.

We can provide your class with a virtual library instruction session or you can assign information literacy modules with graded assignments on topics such as avoiding plagiarism, citing sources, or conducting an literature review.

Additional services for faculty are available at

Answers to more general questions about library services can be found at

To learn about Textbook Affordability efforts at UCF, visit

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