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New Carpets in the CMC

The College of Education and Human Performance will be installing  new carpets in the Curriculum Materials Center.  In preparation for the installation, limited computers will be available on Friday, August 5th , 2016.  Printing will be available until 3 pm.


Young Adult Popular Box Series Giveaway


Love them or hate them, the popularity of book series is undeniable. Perhaps it’s the familiarity that comes with returning to the same characters again and again or the complexity of a story told through multiple books. From Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments to Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians, young adult and middle grade series create passionate fans and often pull in reluctant readers.

Wondering what all the hype is about? The CMC has many popular series available to check out. A selection of these books are now on display, including books by Scott Westerfeld and Sherrilyn Kenyon, and even more can be found on our shelves.

In addition to our series available for check out, the CMC is currently running a giveaway for two box sets. Enter to win a box set of Uglies, a dystopian series by Scott Westerfeld, or Tripods, a classic science fiction trilogy by John Christopher. Either would be a great addition to your personal or classroom collection. Don’t miss your chance to win! Stop by the CMC today.

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Today’s Libraries (and Librarians) Have Shaken Off Stereotypical Images

Yolanda HoodYolanda Hood, head of the Curriculum Materials Center in the College of Education and Human Performance, has written an article for the UCF Forum about her experience as a librarian.
Yolanda loves her work. She shatters the traditional image of librarians: “…contrary to the pop culture image of librarians, I don’t sit around reading all day, prim and proper, in a pencil skirt, cardigan and cat-eye glasses, taking a break just to point finger to lips and shush students who are too loud.” Read more about the exciting work of a dynamic UCF librarian at

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