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All librarians employed by UCF Libraries.

Name Title Rank Department Phone Email
Frank Allen Allen, Frank R. Interim Director University Librarian 407-823-2892 Email
Sandy Avila Avila, Sandy Science Librarian Assistant Librarian 407-823-1218 Email
Basco, Ven Librarian Associate Librarian 407-823-5048 Email
Photo Not Available Beile, Penny Associate Director, Research, Education, & Engagement University Librarian 407-823-5488 Email
David Benjamin Benjamin, David Department Head Assistant Librarian 407-823-2788 Email
Dr. Corrine Bishop Bishop, Corinne Graduate Outreach Librarian Associate Librarian 407-823-2584 Email
Timothy Bottorff Bottorff, Tim Department Head Associate Librarian , 407-903-8004 Email
Tina Buck Buck, Tina Electronic Resources Librarian Associate Librarian 407-823-0448 Email
Eda Correa Correa, Eda Librarian Assistant Librarian 407-823-6536 Email
Sai Deng Deng, Sai Metadata Librarian Associate Librarian 407-823-4312 Email
Lee Dotson Dotson, Lee Interim Department Head Associate Librarian 407-823-1236 Email
Amy Dovydaitis Dovydaitis, Amy Department Head Assistant Librarian 407-823-2327 Email
Lily Flick Dubach, Lily Librarian Assistant Librarian 407-823-0538 Email
Photo Not Available Duff, Sara Librarian Assistant Librarian Email
Rachel Edford Edford, Rachel Instruction and Engagement Librarian Assistant Librarian 407-823-2590 Email
Michael Furlong Furlong, Michael Librarian Associate Librarian 386-506-3353 Email
Rich Gause Gause, Rich Government Information Librarian University Librarian 407-823-2563 Email
Photo Not Available Harrison II, Richard H. Librarian Associate Librarian 407-823-4249 Email
Photo Not Available Hoeppner, Athena Discovery Services Librarian University Librarian , 407-823-5049 Email
Cynthia Kisby Kisby, Cynthia Interim Associate Director for Administrative Services Associate Librarian , , , , 407-823-2890 Email
Judy Kuhns Kuhns, Judy Public Services Librarian Assistant Librarian 407-903-8003 Email
Renee Cole Montgomery Montgomery, Renee Cole Outreach & Engagement Librarian Assistant Librarian 407-823-4658 Email
Rachel Mulvihill Mulvihill, Rachel Department Head Associate Librarian 407-823-0739 Email
Missy Murphey Murphey, Missy Librarian Assistant Librarian 407-823-5308 Email
Sarah Norris Norris, Sarah Scholarly Communication Librarian Associate Librarian 407-823-2402 Email
peggy-nuhn Nuhn, Peggy Librarian Associate Librarian 407-708-2863 Email
Photo Not Available Piascik, Jeanne Department Head Associate Librarian 407-823-5735 Email
Shane Roopnarine Roopnarine, Shane Subject Librarian Assistant Librarian 407-823-2465 Email
Meredith Semones Semones, Meredith Ask A Librarian Librarian Associate Librarian 407-823-5564 Email
Kristine Shrauger Shrauger, Kristine Department Head, Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery Services University Librarian 407-823-5422 Email
Peter Spyers Duran Spyers-Duran, Peter Librarian Associate Librarian 407-823-4255 Email
Terrie Sypolt Sypolt, Terrie Librarian Associate Librarian 407-823-5921 Email
Barbara Tierney Tierney, Barbara Department Head, Research & Information Services University Librarian 407-823-5464 Email
Andrew Todd Todd, Andy Librarian Associate Librarian 321-433-7878 Email
Min Tong Tong, Min Business Librarian Associate Librarian 407-823-3604 Email
Photo Not Available Venecek, John Librarian Associate Librarian 407-823-3098 Email
Christina Wray Wray, Christina Digital Learning & Engagement Librarian Associate Librarian 407-823-4248 Email
Lindsey Ritzert Xanthopoulos, Lindsey Department Head, Circulation Assistant Librarian 407-823-2527 Email
Photo Not Available Zhang, Ying Interim Associate Director, Collection Services & Resource Management University Librarian , , , 407-823-4253 Email
Frank Allen

Allen, Frank R.

Sandy Avila

Avila, Sandy

Basco, Ven

Photo Not Available

Beile, Penny

David Benjamin

Benjamin, David

Dr. Corrine Bishop

Bishop, Corinne

Timothy Bottorff

Bottorff, Tim

Tina Buck

Buck, Tina

Eda Correa

Correa, Eda

Sai Deng

Deng, Sai

Lee Dotson

Dotson, Lee

Amy Dovydaitis

Dovydaitis, Amy

Lily Flick

Dubach, Lily

Photo Not Available

Duff, Sara

Rachel Edford

Edford, Rachel

Michael Furlong

Furlong, Michael

Rich Gause

Gause, Rich

Photo Not Available

Harrison II, Richard H.

Photo Not Available

Hoeppner, Athena

Cynthia Kisby

Kisby, Cynthia

Judy Kuhns

Kuhns, Judy

Renee Cole Montgomery

Montgomery, Renee Cole

Rachel Mulvihill

Mulvihill, Rachel

Missy Murphey

Murphey, Missy

Sarah Norris

Norris, Sarah


Nuhn, Peggy

Photo Not Available

Piascik, Jeanne

Shane Roopnarine

Roopnarine, Shane

Meredith Semones

Semones, Meredith

Kristine Shrauger

Shrauger, Kristine

Peter Spyers Duran

Spyers-Duran, Peter

Terrie Sypolt

Sypolt, Terrie

Barbara Tierney

Tierney, Barbara

Andrew Todd

Todd, Andy

Min Tong

Tong, Min

Photo Not Available

Venecek, John

Christina Wray

Wray, Christina

Lindsey Ritzert

Xanthopoulos, Lindsey

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