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Document Delivery & Resource Sharing

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Name Title Rank Department Phone Email
Photo Not Available Bizon, Joe Learning Resources Librarian Assistant Librarian 407-823-3017 Email
Joanie Reynolds Reynolds, Joanie Library Technical Assistant II 407-823-2267 Email
Kristine Shrauger Shrauger, Kristine Department Head, Document Delivery & Resource Sharing University Librarian 407-823-5422 Email
Patricia Tiberii Tiberii, Pat Library Technical Assistant II 407-823-3065 Email
Photo Not Available Tier, Amanda Sr. LTA 407-823-2383 Email
Photo of a woman with medium black hair and a blue shirt standing in front of a stack of books. Zhang, Ying Associate Dean, Collection Services & Resource Management University Librarian , , , 407-823-4253 Email
Photo Not Available

Bizon, Joe

Joanie Reynolds

Reynolds, Joanie

Kristine Shrauger

Shrauger, Kristine

Patricia Tiberii

Tiberii, Pat

Photo Not Available

Tier, Amanda

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