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lyndaCampus – your new BFF?

lyndaCampus could change your life! Learn a new skill from one of over 3,500 videos – just login with your NID.

Lynda has tons of videos to help you learn how to code, create mobile apps or use Adobe Illustrator.

You can also use Lynda to learn things like Data Analysis, Social Media Marketing, CAD, Network Administration and Photography. There aren’t many topics that you CAN’T learn about at Lynda.

All of Lynda is free to UCF students, so take a look and see what new skills you can master today!

Joy Postle Drawing

Exhibit: Joy Postle: Artist Without Limits

Florida artist Joy Postle Blackstone pioneered the art of depicting Florida wildlife like no other. She was deeply inspired by the sights, sounds, and scents of nature from an early age and this greatly influenced her as both an artist and as a writer. She developed her talent for capturing the world around her through mediums such as oil paints, watercolors, pencil sketches, pen and ink, as well as the written word though her writings and poetry. Joy’s dedication to her art propelled her through the hardships of the Great Depression, and she persevered. Her passion and devotion to her work has earned Joy a special place in the history of Central Florida. (more…)

Library and Reflecting Pond

Terrie Sypolt: Excellence in Librarianship

Terrie SypoltLibrarian Terrie Sypolt will be honored at UCF Founders Day as the winner of this year’s Excellence in Librarianship award!
Terrie is the Education and Human Performance Librarian. She provides research assistance, library instruction, and collection development for all departments in the College of Education.
Terrie began work at the UCF Libraries on April 1, 2001. We are proud of her excellent contribution to the Libraries, but are especially proud of her today. Congratulations, Terrie!

Sort by color

Books now sorted by color!

Next time you come in to the library, you will notice that all of the library’s books are now arranged by color! While the Library of Congress Call Number System has been the preferred system for university libraries for the past century or so, we felt it was time for something new. We think our patrons will agree that this new system is far more pleasing to the eye. No longer will the Hobbit have to sit atop a shelf with Dracula. What kind of system would make those two neighbors anyway? We love this new system and think you will too. Please leave a comment to let us know what you think of it!

(April Fools!)

Physics today logo

This week in physics

The UCF Libraries subscribes to Physics Today, the flagship publication of the American Institute of Physics. This publication is the most influential and closely followed physics magazine in the world. Here are just some of the featured stories for this week:

A nonlinear look at music
Physics Update: Recorded music and other time series carry information on small and large scales. A new hierarchical analysis can help make sense of it all.
—Richard J. Fitzgerald

Science and journalism revisit the attribution of extreme weather to climate change
Science and the Media: Scientists report improved understanding: Attribution science now “brings climate change to our doorsteps.”
—Steven T. Corneliussen

Belgium drops request for US bomb-grade uranium
Politics and Policy: To reduce the risk of the material falling into terrorist hands, a US company will convert the uranium to fuel for Belgium’s research reactor.
—David Kramer

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