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Noise and Closure Alerts, beginning 3/20

3rd Floor

Restrooms on the 3rd floor in the “back half” of the building will remain closed for renovation.

4th Floor

Starting Monday night, 3/20, the “Student Union side” of the 4th floor of the John C. Hitt Library will be closed for the installation of sprinklers. Materials in call numbers N through QP will be inaccessible, but can be requested online, please see a staff member for assistance. Items will be retrieved several times daily, and can be picked up at the Circulation Desk. It is estimated that this work will be completed around 5/1/17. Over the next months the entire building will be fitted with fire sprinklers as part of the ongoing work on the 21st Century Library project.

5th Floor

Work continues on the study area of the 5th floor. When completed, the area will offer students a bright, new, space for silent, individual study, research, reflection, and coursework.


More information about the 21st Century Library project is at: You can check there for any work alerts. Earplugs remain available at the Circulation Desk.

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