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Love Your Data Week 2017

Let us wish you a great Love Your Data Week! This international event exists to help researchers take care of their data. Each day this week focuses on a specific aspect of data. If you are a researcher or deal with data regularly, you can participate in this event by considering these topics each day and learning more from

Monday, February 13: Defining Data Quality
Is your data complete and accurate? Is your data up to date? Or is your data just “good enough”? Missing values, inconsistent formats, ambiguous field titles, and spelling errors are just a few examples of data quality issues to rectify.

Tuesday, February 14: Documenting, Describing, Defining
People know how to use your data through its documentation. With good documentation practices, it increases integrity—integrity of your data and your research as a whole.

Wednesday, February 15: Good Data Examples
What makes data “good”? Consider if it is FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable. One way to help is by placing the data into a digital repository.

Thursday, February 16: Finding the Right Data
When looking for data, consider the traditional questions: who is the population, what is the subject or discipline, where is the location, when is the time period? Librarians can help locate data once those questions are narrowed down. Remember to cite the data accordingly.

Friday, February 17: Rescuing Unloved Data
“Unloved” data means it is inaccessible. To improve access, old data can be recovered, reformatted, assessed, normalized, reviewed, and deposited for dissemination.

See the UCF Libraries’ guide on Data Management for more information about data and services offered here.

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