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Three llamas in front of the John C HItt Library

Llama Lending Library

The UCF campus has seen tremendous growth in recent years which means longer walks to and from classes often carrying very heavy loads of books and supplies. The library has spent time looking at this problem and has come away with the only reasonable solution. Llamas. They’re cute, furry, and only spit on you 5% of the time all the time. Awesome little buggers really. Now they are not equipped to carry our students but they will gladly shoulder the burden of your books as you lead them to your class. And unlike bikes or scooters, they know the way back to the library. So once you are finished with your cuddly walking backpack, you can send them on their way, relaxed in the knowledge that they will check themselves back in to the library saving you a sizeable llama theft charge.

So stop by the library and check one out today!

Please note no llamas were harmed in the creation of this light hearted April Fool’s blog post.

Two llamas in front of the John C HItt Library
Two llamas ready for check out in front of the John C Hitt Library

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