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Faculty Support: We Have You Covered Text on Image of Open Book with Pen

Keep cool with summer course materials from UCF Libraries

Many of us are thinking about summer in a whole new way. It can be overwhelming to completely revise a course, especially in light of all the other changes in our lives right now. Imagine how this “new normal” might feel for our students, who may be adjusting to both online learning and a loss of income.

One way faculty can help is by using library materials or Open Educational Resources in lieu of a textbook. Replacing a textbook with no-cost materials removes a financial barrier and ensures students have access to course materials on day one. 

Even replacing one book can make a difference.

Here is a just a snapshot of some of the library resources we can provide to your students at no-cost.

Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to figure this out alone. Contact your Subject Librarian to set up a consultation.

Additional services for faculty are available at
Answers to more general questions about library services can be found at

Still unsure of your next step or have a general question?
Virtual assistance is available through Ask-a-Librarian.

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