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Free Webinar: Navigating the World of Scholarly Publishing

Free Online Webinar

Navigating the World of Scholarly Publishing

How to Get Your Work Published and Recognized

When: Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 10 a.m. EST

The ubiquitous expression, “publish or perish”, is still going strong with no end in sight. For any researcher or academic, publishing is of the utmost importance for career progression. Whether you are just completing your degree, a new post-graduate, or an experienced academic, understanding why publishing is important along with how to effectively approach it is a major step toward success. IGI Global will explain the key benefits of publishing and the steps one must take to pursue a publication idea – including the process of conceptualizing and submitting a publication proposal.

Attendees will also benefit from tips on how to get their work widely recognized and indexed once it is published. This webinar will be interactive and conclude with an open Q&A.

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