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Featured Bookshelf: National Poetry Month

Poetry is the expression
of human experience.

It is the
                        when finding ourselves
                        past and future identities.

Poems are a universal noise
bringing truth from silence
on our lived experiences in
                                                                                           and family.

These verses,
in whichever form they take,
are the hopes,
                                             and tears
that move our lives.

UCF Libraries is proud to raise up other voices as part of the largest literary celebration in the world.

We have gathered suggestions to feature 16 books of poetry that are currently in the UCF collection. These works represent the wide range of favorite poets for our faculty and staff. To compliment the works featured on the 2021 list, an additional 200 poetry books grace the shelves of our Featured Display next to the Research & Information Desk on the main floor of the John C. Hitt Library.

Featured Bookshelf: 2021 National Poetry Month

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