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Wild at Heart: Conserving Nature Through Art & Archives Feb. 14- May 1, 2022

Exhibit: Wild at Heart: Conserving Nature through Art & Archives

The exhibit “Wild at Heart: Conserving Nature through Art and Archives” explores the art, artists, and activists that challenge us to think deeply about the impacts of urbanization and climate change on the world around us. The exhibit features art and archival materials from the UCF Libraries Special Collections and University Archives, including the works of Joy Postle, Rachel Simmons, Leonard Nierman, and many more. For more information about the exhibit visit:

The exhibit was curated by UCF Librarians Christina C. Wray and David Benjamin. This exhibit runs from February 14, 2022, through May 1, 2022. The exhibit is on the 4th-floor gallery of the John C. Hitt Library. 

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