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Diamond’s Hidden Gems – Databases

Welcome to Diamond’s Hidden Gems, a blog series in which I introduce you to the University of Central Florida’s library services that you may not know about!

Research is an important aspect of any college career; it is a process in which you are exposed to the questions and information that have captured the attention of your field of interest. For students, this often means searching for and identifying free, online, and relevant research articles. UCF helps to mitigate most of this stress by providing students with databases that help narrow down the field of search.

The University of Central Florida Libraries allows students to search databases owned by a number of different vendors for items like scholarly peer-reviewed articles, book reviews, and magazine articles. Each of these databases contains specific publications with similar topics or subjects. By navigating to the UCF Libraries website, you can search for a database by name or topic, or you can browse the list of databases organized by subject or alphabetically.

If you’d like to learn more about databases and how you can access them, please visit Diamond’s Hidden Gems – Databases in STARS!

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