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Three librarians in order of appearance: Sara Duff, Sarah Norris, Dr. Penny Beile, in front of the new entrance of the John C Hitt Library. Text in yellow reads Celebrate UCF Libraries and text in white reads Awards


The UCF Libraries is lucky to have so many award winning librarians!

Congratulations to Sarah Norris, a recipient of the 2022 UCF Research Incentive Award! The Research Incentive Award recognizes contributions from faculty members who advance the body of knowledge in their field through research, scholarship, and creative activity. Ms. Norris, Scholarly Communication Librarian, is the second librarian to receive the award. 

Dr. Penny Beile (left) Sara Duff (right)

Sara Duff, Acquisitions & Collection Assessment Librarian, is this year’s recipient of the Excellence in Librarianship award. Dean Beau Case presented the award to Sara at UCF Founder’s Day. This award is voted on by the librarians to honor outstanding contributions to the UCF library, faculty, and students. Congratulations, Sara!

Dr. Penny Beile, UCF librarian, joined 15 faculty colleagues at Founder’s Day who were bestowed the title of emeritus or emerita faculty. Upon her retirement this year, Dr. Beile, who currently serves as Associate Director of Research, Education, and Engagement, will become Librarian Emerita. Recipients must have an established record of distinguished performance in teaching, research, and/or service to UCF and the UCF community during their academic careers. Congratulations Dr. Beile!

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