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Celebrate UCF Libraries Welcome to Our Associate Dean of Academic Engagement Tom Caswell

Welcome to UCF Libraries, Tom Caswell!

UCF Libraries is excited to announce the new Associate Dean of Academic Engagement, Tom Caswell!

Mr. Caswell received a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Florida and a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of South Florida. Since 2016, he has been the Associate Dean for public services at the University of North Florida, where he helped nurture public service areas through the uncertainties of the pandemic. He supported student and faculty research by serving on the UNF Research Council, Graduate School Council, the Undergraduate Research Advisory Council, and the Textbook Affordability Initiative. Mr. Caswell also supported diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education through membership in the UNF DEI College Collaborators, serving as the library liaison to the LGBTQ+ Resource Center and mentoring students as part of the Intercultural Center’s Connections Student Mentoring Program.

In addition at UNF, he facilitated the creation of two new faculty lines (Virtual Learning Librarian and STEM Online Learning Librarian) and reimagined five staff lines to support shifts in user needs while overseeing a robust research and instruction program that is responsive to the curricular needs of five distinct colleges comprised of over 17,000 graduate and undergraduate students.

Prior to UNF and over a period of 27 years, Mr. Caswell served in a variety of roles at the University of Florida, including several leadership positions, and culminating as Assistant Head Librarian, Architecture and Fine Arts Library.

Mr. Caswell has published and presented on library public services broadly and art librarianship specifically, with an overarching theme throughout of creativity and innovation in academic engagement. Mr. Caswell also has received two NEH grants to digitize the history and culture of our nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida.

When asked about what he anticipates most in his new position at UCF Libraries, he responded: “I’m excited to be joining a very dynamic team that is fully engaged in connecting users physically and virtually across library resources, services, and spaces.”

Congratulations, Tom, and welcome to the UCF Libraries family!

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