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In Memory of Phyllis Hudson

Remembering Phyllis J. Hudson

We are saddened today by the passing of an outstanding and beloved colleague, Phyllis J. Hudson.

Phyllis J. Hudson worked as a UCF librarian for 34 years. She worked in several departments in the library, most notably in Reference and Instruction, touching the lives of thousands of FTU and UCF students. Phyllis was a tireless advocate for UFF and for women’s rights both in libraries and in the community. Documents from the time of Phyllis’s service to UFF and work with a number of organizations can be found in the UCF Archives

In 1989, Phyllis received the UCF Excellence in Librarianship award. She was awarded Emerita status in 2006. Phyllis might respond to this by pointing out that her greatest achievement is the five children she raised with her husband, Paul.

Colleagues today remember her “energy, vitality and passion for life.” Others remember that “I was humbled by her intellect, commitment, and generosity of spirit with colleagues and students,” that Phyllis was “not afraid to stand up and question things. She was a wonderful woman who was a mainstay of this library for years,” and that Phyllis was “a wonderful librarian and colleague” and “a most excellent teacher. Let us say that she left no stone unturned :>)“ Many share this colleague’s sentiment: “ She served UCF and UFF with intellect, grace and humor. She helped us see the best in ourselves and reminded us to be thoughtful in our words and actions when discussions got heated. She was an awesome lady I am honored to have known.”

4 responses to “Remembering Phyllis J. Hudson”

  1. Meredith Semones says:

    Phyllis Hudson was co-founder of the June S. Stillman scholarship for library student assistants & staff. Her memory will live on through this endowed scholarship. When her health permitted she traveled from NC to attend the award ceremony each year. “A life well-lived”, I will miss my dear friend and mentor, rest in peace Phyllis. Love, Meredith

  2. Richard Harrison says:

    Although Phyllis retired shortly after I joined the library faculty in 2001, she clearly was a formidable individual and colleague. As a staff member phrased it — aptly, I think — she was the “conscience of the library.”

  3. Patti McCall says:

    I remember meeting Phyllis at the June Stillman scholarship award ceremony a few years ago and I was immediately struck by her smile and enthusiasm. Knowing her involvement with the scholarship and her returning to campus, she impressed me as someone who cared a great deal about students, her colleagues, and her profession.

  4. Cheryl Mahan says:

    How I will miss my friend, Phyllis, who welcomed me as a colleague in 1977 at FTU/UCF! How could so many wonderful attributes have been wrapped up in one woman?! She could create excellent, useful and inspiring presentations at national library conferences, in the classroom (I think this was her real love), and as Chief Negotiator of the United Faculty of Florida, all seemingly effortlessly. She declared she had the best job in the world and passed that pride in library work and in a job well done on to those around her, myself included. She was always willing to take on new challenges, and to help and encourage anyone who asked. Somehow she always managed to be with her many geographically dispersed grandchildren in spite of a full professional workload. I have no idea how she did it. And omigosh but she was fun! We won’t see another like her.
    I am so thankful she was in my personal and professional life.

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