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SciFinder Scholar switches to Web-Only Access

Posted on: Jun 10, 2011 @ 12:10:57 pm

For SciFinder Scholar users, the client is dead; long live the Web.

CAS will be discontinuing the client platform on June 30, 2011 for all U.S. and Canadian academic institutions. On this date, UCF will only have access to the web version of SciFinder.

Please visit for helpful resource materials to make your transition to the web version of SciFinder as easy and seamless as possible.

SciFinder can be accessed using any standard web browser. You must register for access.

Register for an account on SciFinder Web , using a UCF email address ending in Pick your own username and password.
The password must contain UPPER and lower case, and at least one number or symbol.
Go to your UCF email account and open the message from SciFinder.
Follow the link to complete your registration.
Go to SciFinder Web and log in using the Username and Password you created.
If you are off campus you will have to log in via EZproxy before you get to the SciFinder page.
Be sure to log out when you are finished so the next researcher can use SciFinder Scholar. UCF shares 20 simultaneous accesses with all Florida universities.




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