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Email notification of overdue materials

Updated on: Jun 11, 2010 @ 5:02:00 pm

Comment: Send overdue notices through e-mail rather than regular mail or at least in addition to regular mail.

Benefit: The system could be automated which would save the library staff time and more rapid notification would be very nice for the person with the overdue materials!

from the library: Good news! The library system automatically sends an email reminder three days before a book is due, giving the patron time to renew the book, or to return it on time. Overdue notices are also sent by email. Only lost book notices are sent by U. S. Mail, one month after the item is due.

Since notices and reminders have been sent by email for over a year, the Suggestion Box is thinking hmmm! that you may not be monitoring your Knights E-Mail The circulation system automatically sends notices to your Knights E-mail; there is no other email address for students that is used for communication.

Wash your hands before meals, wear suncreen or a hat, floss daily, and monitor your Knights E-Mail: your life as a UCF Knight will be the best it can be.



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