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Microwave in Java City

Posted on: Jun 11, 2010 @ 4:27:05 pm

Comment: In the fall I had been suggesting a microwave be placed in the Java City area. Hopefully this can happen this semester. If there is a specific reason this is not possible, I wouldn't mind knowing why.

from the library: Some background: Java City is run by Aramark for UCF Business Services, and Infusion, the learning space in which Java City resides, is a joint project of the libary and Business Services. Infusion has been a wonderful place for UCF students, faculty and staff since it opened.

So why no microwave? Java City is a rather compact operation, and there is no space for microwave ovens unless some student seating or other functional space were removed. One microwave oven would be probably be insufficient for the demand. In addition, the good folks of Java City and Business Services do not have the staff time to maintain and clean several microwave ovens and the attendant mess that would accompany them. And the library does not have staff to allocate, either.

It is easy to intuit that you would be a neatnik and are not a problem, but you know how it is: some people forget that their mother does not work here, and they may leave a little mess, just like home.

The Suggestion Box called Student Government Association, and found that they maintain 2 microwave ovens on the 3rd floor of the Student Union, in the lounge to the right as one exits the elevator.



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