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Fiction Book Suggestion Box

Posted on: May 27, 2010 @ 8:55:10 am

Comment: Academics are important but so is reading for fun. The library has very few modern fiction books. The section should be expanded and a suggestion fiction box would make sure the money on fiction books isn't wasted. Not everyone can get to the public library and home delivery takes a long time with risks of never receiving the book.

From the library: We know how you feel----we love reading too (can you tell?)

Good news: there is an online form for recommending new titles for addition to the UCF collections, The titles can be books, journals, CDs, or DVDs. Recommendations are reviewed by library faculty, who consider whether the title supports the research and teaching of the University.

The main library has a Browsing Collection, which even includes a few audiobooks, located in Infusion. The shelves are near library classroom 235A and the short stairway to the Mezzanine. There may be a title of interest waiting for you in the Browsing Collection.

Records for the Browsing Collection and other works of fiction are included in the UCF Libraries Catalog, so search there as well. If UCF does not own the title you are craving, the answer for you is Interlibrary Loan! It is very easy to get your free account and to begin ordering books, journal articles, and other resources that the UCF Libraries does not own.

Read on, read on!



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