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Repair/Replace Microform Machines

Posted on: May 26, 2010 @ 3:58:00 pm

Comment: Of the six microform copy machines in your library, only one or two are currently usable, and both are yielding awful copies. One of them doesn't even print the entire printing area marked on the screen, and the other is missing the piece of glass that goes under the lens.

Benefit: My idea is simply a request for repairs. Or, given that these machines are very old, you would probably find it easier to replace them with newer models. Hopefully, they will come with clearer instructions and parts that are accessible to be dusted when necessary.

From the library: The library has been reviewing options for replacement of the currently used microform reader/printers for Fall 2010. New equipment may be able to convert the images on film and fiche to a digital image that can be saved or emailed. Lenses are enclosed, and would not need dusting. Stay tuned.....

Image of microfilm by Ianare.


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