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NetLibrary eBook of the Month:Capitalism as if the World Matters

Updated on: Sep 28, 2007 @ 5:12:00 pm

By Jonathon Porritt, with a new foreword by Amory B. Lovins
Earthscan, Revised Edition (September 2007)
When first published in 2005, Capitalism as if the World Matters shocked both a generation of environmentalists and a generation of business people by brushing aside their petty squabbles and artificial battle lines with a powerful argument that the only way to save the world from fuel shortages, climate change and environmental catastrophe is to embrace a new type of capitalism, and to do it quickly.
In this substantially revised and updated edition with a new foreword by Amory B. Lovins, Jonathon Porritt, Prime Minister Tony Blair's chief environmental advisor, tackles the most pressing problems of our time and extends his powerful and controversial argument by suggesting new actions in a tightly argued and highly accessible book. New material includes in-depth coverage of the United States and the politics of climate change, the state of environmental debate and the massive upsurge in religious engagement with climate and the environment.
Although a print copy of the 2005 edition is in the UCF Libraries collection, the October eBook of the Month is not yet a part of the UCF NetLibrary collection. It is provided through the generous support of the publisher, Earthscan. To view Capitalism as if the World Matters, click on NetLibrary on the UCF Library's list of databases at



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