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Manipulative Matters

Posted on: Sep 24, 2013 @ 1:07:08 pm

Speaking of History....

Exploring History Through Primary Sources is on display in the CMC. These resources are made available by Teacher Created Materials Publishing. The boxed sets include a teacher guide, student activities, and lesson plans. Also included are copies of photos, diary entries, maps, letters, and other primary sources for a number of historical/political moments.

Do a title search in the catalog for "Exploring History Through Primary Resources" and you'll find out which ones we have!

Also on display-- Zombies! They are everywhere-tv, movies, music, games! One never knows when they are coming, so be prepared. To help you with that, Mary Rubin has prepared an excellent display of Zombie Fiction and Nonfiction (yes, and it's good) in the CMC. Come in and Check it out!



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