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Vote early, on campus!

Posted on: Oct 29, 2014 @ 9:05:59 am

You can vote between now and Sunday night, November 2, right here on the UCF campus. How great is that?

Early voting is taking place in the Barbara Ying Center, where there is plenty of open parking, and many hours with no lines. All UCF-enrolled students who are registered to vote somewhere in Florida are eligible to vote there---they will re-register the student as an Orange County voter, and the student can vote with an Orange County ballot.

Don't know what's on the ballot, or who to vote for? The non-partisan League of Women Voters publishes voters guides for different areas of the state. The guide for Orange County voters is at You can look up your county.

This is easy-peasy, and when it's over you will not only feel great, you will get a sticker. :)



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