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16th Annual Student Book Arts Competition Exhibit

Exhibit: 16th Annual Student Book Arts Competition

UCF Libraries’ Special Collections & University Archives is pleased to announce the 16th Annual Student Book Arts Competition Exhibit. The competition invited UCF and Rollins College students to submit one-of-a-kind artist books. Unlike traditional books, artist books are handmade to reflect personal artistic visions of their creators ranging from narrative storytelling through but not limited to drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and/or text. The 16th Annual Student Book Arts Competition Exhibit showcases of all entries created during the 2021-2022 academic calendar year.

Our guest judge for the competition was Nikki Fragala Barnes. Nikki an editor, curator, experimental poet and participatory installation artist, whose practice is collaborative, participatory, and place-based. She is currently the co-leader of the Book Arts Guild of Central Florida.

“Something Man Made Is Here” by Amelia Haig (UCF) is this year’s winner. Haig’s artist book explores the question of how to store radioactive materials long term and communicate the danger they pose to people living thousands of years in the future.

“Something Man Made Is Here” by Amelia Haig (UCF) is this year’s winner.

Two honorable mentions are “Microbiomes” by Claudia Prado (Rollins College) and “Caribbean Book of Beasts” by Shannon Ganeshram (UCF).

“Microbiomes” by Claudia Prado (Rollins College)
“Caribbean Book of Beasts” by Shannon Ganeshram (UCF)

The winner and honorable mentions artist books will be placed in the permanent Book Arts & Typography Collection at UCF Libraries’ Special Collections & University Archives. Congratulations to all students!

The exhibit is on the 4th floor gallery of the John C. Hitt Library runs from May 2022 through July 2022. For more information, email

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month on red and yellow gradient background with yellow and red stripes and yellow dots

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month – a celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States. Books on display at the main floor of John C. Hitt Library include books that received honors from various book award bodies and written by Asian/Pacific American writers.

Books on display include:

  • The Sympathizer: A Novel by Viet Thanh Nguyen, a recipient of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature (APAAL) and Edgar Award for Best First Novel
  • Watercress by Andrea Wang APAAL Picture Book and Caldecott Medal
  • Hello Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly, Newberry Medal.
Three librarians in order of appearance: Sara Duff, Sarah Norris, Dr. Penny Beile, in front of the new entrance of the John C Hitt Library. Text in yellow reads Celebrate UCF Libraries and text in white reads Awards


The UCF Libraries is lucky to have so many award winning librarians!

Congratulations to Sarah Norris, a recipient of the 2022 UCF Research Incentive Award! The Research Incentive Award recognizes contributions from faculty members who advance the body of knowledge in their field through research, scholarship, and creative activity. Ms. Norris, Scholarly Communication Librarian, is the second librarian to receive the award. 

Dr. Penny Beile (left) Sara Duff (right)

Sara Duff, Acquisitions & Collection Assessment Librarian, is this year’s recipient of the Excellence in Librarianship award. Dean Beau Case presented the award to Sara at UCF Founder’s Day. This award is voted on by the librarians to honor outstanding contributions to the UCF library, faculty, and students. Congratulations, Sara!

Dr. Penny Beile, UCF librarian, joined 15 faculty colleagues at Founder’s Day who were bestowed the title of emeritus or emerita faculty. Upon her retirement this year, Dr. Beile, who currently serves as Associate Director of Research, Education, and Engagement, will become Librarian Emerita. Recipients must have an established record of distinguished performance in teaching, research, and/or service to UCF and the UCF community during their academic careers. Congratulations Dr. Beile!

Banner showing a purple parakeet advertising the date, time, and location of a zine workshop at the downtown UCF campus

Downtown Campus Library – Zine Workshop

Downtown Campus Library is hosting a zine workshop on April 20th in DPAC 455 at 1:00 PM.

zine (noun): a noncommercial often homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized or unconventional subject matter.

Join Chris Saclolo, UCF Libraries’ book conservator in a workshop on the basics of making your very own zine.

Markers, pens, scissors, and glue will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own magazines and poetry to aid in their zine’s creation.

Three llamas in front of the John C HItt Library

Llama Lending Library

The UCF campus has seen tremendous growth in recent years which means longer walks to and from classes often carrying very heavy loads of books and supplies. The library has spent time looking at this problem and has come away with the only reasonable solution. Llamas. They’re cute, furry, and only spit on you 5% of the time all the time. Awesome little buggers really. Now they are not equipped to carry our students but they will gladly shoulder the burden of your books as you lead them to your class. And unlike bikes or scooters, they know the way back to the library. So once you are finished with your cuddly walking backpack, you can send them on their way, relaxed in the knowledge that they will check themselves back in to the library saving you a sizeable llama theft charge.

So stop by the library and check one out today!

Please note no llamas were harmed in the creation of this light hearted April Fool’s blog post.

Two llamas in front of the John C HItt Library
Two llamas ready for check out in front of the John C Hitt Library
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